Madbull Airsoft New: Barrel nut washer and Gemtech 7" Handguard

Two new releases from Madbull Airsoft include  anew grip and a handy washer to keep your front end straight on your M4:


Main Function: to eliminate gap between rail and upper receiver. These washers will ensure a contour fit between barrel nut and upper receiver, eliminating misalignment and RIS instability. The MB Barrel Nut Washers come in 4 sizes to fit many different configurations.

– Eliminate gap between rail and upper receiver
– Precisely aligns fastening screws on RIS systems
– Ensures stability
– Prevents RIS from angling during installation

Package include:
– 0.1mm X1
– 0.15mm X1
– 1.5mm X1
– 2mm X1
Brand Compatibility (Optional)
More Info and photo:


Madbull Talon Rail System licensed by GEMTECH. The Gemtech Talon Rail allows you to mount it on any receiver and allows you to precisely adjust the rail so you can have an uninterrupted upper rail platform. Developed by Gemtech to allow a suppressor to slip partially under the rail for a protected suppressor/barrel interface and shorter profile.

– Golf ball patterns which match to new Gemtech HALO Airsoft dummy suppressors.
– Big inner diameter which allow you to install most of Gemtech dummy suppressors into the rail.

Package includes:
– Gemtech 7” Talon Rail with mounting hardware
– Barrel Nut
Brand Compatibility (Optional)
More Info and photo:

(Madbull Airsoft)

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