Airsoft Exchange – a new way to trade airsoft in the UK

imageYosser has sent over some more information about the Airsoft Exchange:

Arnies, Airsoft Odyssey has the scoop on Airsoft Exchange here on the blog:

Essentially its a great new way to trade your unwanted or surplus airsoft gear and tactical equipment with confidence whether buying OR selling?

Check out for what has to be the easiest way to trade on line for airsoft kit!


How Airsoft Exchange works!

  • You send us your item (Gun, vest , helmet, etc)
  • We test and inspect the item
  • We list the item with full photos and description on our website
  • We find a buyer
  • We send your gear to the buyer
  • We send you your money + refund the money it cost you to send the items to us
  • What could be simpler?
  • Well if you couldn’t wait for the item to sell we can offer you a cash amount for it. We have set this up to make selling your equipment both easy and safe. If you have and further questions or want to chat to us about sending your gun or equipment to us then please email us:

    You can find out more on Airsoft Odyssey via

    Airsoft Odyssey- Bringing Life to North West Airsofting

    Yosser (Yosser’s Airsoft Odyssey)

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