Yosser: UKAPU interview @ AAF5

Yosser has sent over a video interview with Matt Furey-King from the UKAPU filmed at the recent Airsoft Arms Fair:

Arnies, Airsoft Arms Fair is more than just UK airsoft buying and selling, its about meeting your airsoft buddies and all getting together for the good of the sport/hobby.

Airsoft Odyssey’s latest video from the event is an interview with UKAPU Chairman Matt Furey-King and he tells us all about what UKAPU are about and how they are helping UK airsofters.

Checkout the blog: http://www.airsoftodyssey.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/ukapu-interview.html

Join UKAPU: http://www.ukapu.org.uk

"I urge all UK airsofters to post the link or embed the video onto their forums or websites and help spread the news about UKAPU" – Yosser

Cheers Arnies and the UK Airsoft Community for helping get behind this!


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