Spec Ops/Redwolf weekender 2012–Badlands

Spec Ops Airsoft have sent over details of their 2012 Badlands event which will be taking place in Dorset this August:

Hi Arnie, This year, Spec Ops Airsoft has teamed up with Redwolf airsoft (Yes. THE Redwolf airsoft!) to bring you a weekender of truly EPIC proportions! Set in a post apocalyptic future, where the remnants of an imperialist regime battle against rebels and bandits for control of resources, locations, and the hearts and minds of a dwindling population. This is definitely not one to miss!

Redwolf will be bringing their full display show/shop for all you lucky boys and girls to have a look at their kit and chat to their staff, which is an amazing opportunity in itself!

More details will be posted on our facebook event page as they are confirmed.


See you in the sand! Dave (Spec Ops Airsoft)

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