Airsoft Megastore: Introducing “The Range”

Airsoft Megastore have launched a new program on their Youtube channel:

Introducing “The Range” and WE Tech X-Tactical Gas Blowback Pistol

imageIntroducing The Range, a new program on our Youtube channel to be featured alongside our current programs (The P.I.T., The Armory, and Arms Deals with Adam). The Range will show you how hard kicking, accurate, and reliable the airsoft pistols we show you are. We get up and personal with a full range of airsoft pistols just to help you choose the right one! Click here to watch episode 1 of The Range:

WE Tech X-Tactical Gas Blowback Pistol


Built with extreme attention to detail, the NEW WE Tech X-Tactical gas blowback airsoft pistol is one of the most realistic and hardest kicking handguns to come out of WE Tech’s factory. This gas blowback pistol features a rugged and durable metal slide and a non-slip textured polymer frame, giving it a balanced and comfortable feel. High grade full metal internal components provide the WE Tech X-Tactical with unparalleled accuracy and range, as well as realistic recoil. The fully functional serrated slide cycles amazingly fast after each shot, and sounds crisp and powerful. Disassembly is nearly identical to its real steel counterpart and allows easy access to the hop-up adjustment, located beneath the barrel. If you are looking for a modern tactical pistol that truly stands out in the crowd, the NEW WE Tech X-Tactical is the perfect gas blowback airsoft pistol for you! Click here to see the pistol

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