Border War Black Ops game report

imageAirsoft Community Europe have a full report from Operation Juggernaut:

October 1st 2012 – Prague – Black Ops operations kicked off the new scenario story line for upcoming Border War 5.


Participants from 7 countries of Europe were exposed to intensive physical challenges, lack of sleep and as well very dynamic scenario that took place during the day and night in one of the former military areas in Czech Republic. The non-stop 36 hours international game revealed a new type of the event and a new battle ground not so far known to the broad international public. Black Ops series from the kitchen of the Border War Crew are designed for hard core players and very advanced MILSIM players, allowing participants to experience even more demanding situations than on the traditional Border War MILSIM series. The new battleground consisted of central European woodland, steep hills, rocks, swamps and marches spiced up with lot of ruins and debris. This pilot event was only for invited teams selected from Border War 4 MILSIM participants from all around Europe.


Read the full report here:

(Airsoft Community Europe)

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