Warhead armoured gloves at Airsoft Atlanta

Airsoft Atlanta have the new Warhead armoured gloves in stock:

New Warhead armored gloves in stock at Airsoft Atlanta.  Perfect for airsoft use!  We now have the Warhead gloves in four different colors and camouflage patterns.  Protect your hands, knuckles especially, from hard hits in CQB with these protective gloves.  Very comfortable to wear and the sizes are very flexible due to their open finger design.  You can go either smaller or larger than your regular glove size due to their stretchable material.  $9.99 a pair, all in stock. These gloves have previously only been available in ACU and OD, but now we are fully stocked on a variety of patterns and colors.  Great gloves for the price.  Similar design to the Lancer Tactical version, but a bit better in terms of build quality, materials, stitching, etc.

Black gloves
Tan gloves
ACU Urban gloves
OD Green

(Airsoft Atlanta)

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