Begadi: New shipping system & extended range & new camo

Begadi have a new improved shipping system and have extended the countries to which they can ship:

Begadi Logistics improved!
We are pleased to announce today,  that we have improved our delivery capabilities in Europe and further optimized our logistics. Now we are able, since this weekend, to ship our products to many new European countries directly. The optimization allows us also, to drastically reduce the prices for shipping to many countries and thus to be able to supply our goods much more affordable than ever for our neighboring countries.

You can find the new shipment rates for your information here:

German Camouflage added!
It was an urge by many of our customers that the German camouflage pattern are adopted for Begadis BE-X Series. End of 2012 we begun to expand the series, and now almost 95% of the BE-X series, both in German woodland and desert camo are available.

The fabric (60% cotton) has been specially woven, dyed and printed for this series / BE-X! The Cordura was printed and coated according to our specifications and is based on genuine raw fabrics from Invista Cordura!

BE-X goes social!
Please also have a note for our expanding youtube channel   and our Facebook Page , where we present our novelties, insight into our work and tips and tricks!


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