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  • Airsoft War Games Tokyo Marui FN 5-7, ICS CXP 16, Section8 Scotland
    Airsoft guns in action. 1 of over 400 airsoft war videos at Filmed by the No1
    YouTube video maker in Scotland, over 120 MILLION hits.
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  • AST VFC MP5k Action Army AAC 21 for KJ & TANAKA M700
  • RA TECH VFC MP5k ActionArmy AAC21forKJ&TANAKA M700
  • New Products June 2013 – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    Introducing to you the new products of June! Bring out the champagne! We are having an all ‘A’ day as it seems all the "A manufacturers" like Ares, Action, A&K and Airsoft Surgeon have all been hard at work to bring out something new. Enjoy!

    Products Link:

  • Ask the Doctor: Obesity
    Auburn Medical Group Doctors Gawayne and Mark Vaughan discuss obesity which was recently declared to be a disease by the American Medical Association, and their treatment of it in the Auburn Medical Group. See Follow us on Google Plus to learn about future live Google Hangouts On Air.
  • Airsoft GI – WE Full Metal Chrome Silver MEU M9 Airsoft Pistol Review
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    WE Chrome M9 –

    This review is brought to you by request of Logan Hobbes!

    Ever wanted to yell about the ridiculousness of certain snakes on a certain plane? Well, this is a great replica of that pistol in that movie! Bob goes over some of the many great features that come with the WE Chrome M9, which include a textured grip & excellent finish.

  • Echo1 XCR gearbox how to remove and install upper half
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    Product page here:

  • AEX Skirmish Reports CA Krebs KC-89 AK
    Check out our in depth skirmish report on the Custom Krebs KC-89 by Classic Army.

  • ◀Company of Heroes 2 – Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires
    Mistakes were made, but fun was had! Enjoy my latest 2v2 match in Company of Heroes 2!

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  • Ballistic Tsunami Gear Review: banger flashbang pouches and knife sheathes
    please visit for more info

    Hey we’re back with a flashbang holster and knife sheathe review. We’ll be reviewing legit gear from Check them out for all your kydex: pistol holsters, knife sheaths, and banger holsters. From the looks of their website, expect more gear like slings and other assorted tactical goodness.

    Overall their knife sheaths and banger holsters are pretty awesome and a must buy for knive and flashbang users. This is definitely high-speed low drag gear at a great value.

    === ===

  • Echo 1 Operation Geronimo
    What? You don’t want to go to a $10 game, with over $1000 worth of giveaways? You sir are no fun….. Time to replace your funny bone sir! That is all.. Oh yeah, don’t for forget to check out the Event listing Here:

    And here to show your support of Echo 1 Supporting you Supporting them? What did I just type?

  • Battalion Jax makes a change!
    Battalion Airsoft out of Jax Fl made an announcement about BB weights and how they impact play at their facility. I am not sure when the ban goes into effect, but .28 gram BB’s and higher will no longer be allowed at their facility. I commend them for putting player safety first. Their current FPS limit is 400 FPS with .25 gram BB’s, and NO minimum Engagement Distance (MED). It takes a lot for Field owners to make changes like this without backlash, we shall see how this plays out.

    Here is a link to their announcement:

  • Umarex / VFC MP5K GBB ( ASIA EDITION ) + Sling
    Umarex / VFC MP5K GBB ( ASIA EDITION )

  • Can TM Extreme Hi-Capa Be Made Semi? (HD)
    Yes! ^_^
    Wanted to make this video because I get this question quite often and seen some people who think it can’t be done. Its easier than you think! (Finding the parts can be a pain in the butt though :/ (Legit TM parts, not WE)
  • Airsoft GI – Magic Box Miracle Barrel Range Test vs. 509mm Tightbore Barrel
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    We recently received the Magic Box Miracle Barrels in, and we wanted to compare them against the existing barrels on the market. We took a 395 mm Miracle barrel and tested it against the 509 mm tightbore Lonex barrel to see what the effective range was in hitting a man size target. Needless to say, we were very impressed with how the new Miracle Barrels preformed and we hope you are too. Be sure to check them out on our website!

  • Airsoft – [The Locker] Mil-Spec Monkey Patches
    Product Link:

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  • Thor’s Pick – King Arms M4 Tanker AEG Rifle
    King Arms M4 Tanker AEG Rifle $299.99

    – Velocity: 350 fps (0.2 g BB) / Range 120-140 feet
    – Barrel Length: 7 inches / 17 cm
    – Magazine Capacity: 300 Rounds
    – V2 7mm Bearing Gearbox
    – Aluminum and Nylon Fiber construction
    – Battery and Charger sold Separately

  • Pietta Colt 1851 Navy (.380 blank cartridge)
    Cartridge .380 Pietta Colt Navy. Slow motion of the black powder lead ball .36 cal to follow! Sorry my camera man jumped, he isn’t used to loud noises.
  • Airsoft GI – KWC Tanfoglio Limited Custom CO2 IPSC Race Airsoft Pistol Review
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    Tanfoglio Limited Custom –

    What’s this? A competition pistol that doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb? Bob goes over some of the features of our new Tanfoglio Limited Custom Co2 Pistol! The KWC Tanfoglio has great kick, and features customized hole mounts which allow for the installation of optics and lasers. If you’re looking for a great IPSC race pistol airsoft replica that will be perfect for CQB, then look no further!

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