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  • D.O.E (as the DEA force) @ Ai500 headcam promo
    Headcam footage from my contour roam of my team and others at the 2012 Ai500.
  • Airsoft GI – Tactical AK Loadout with Bob – Build your Gear around an AK with RIS
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    Have you ever wanted to see what a tactical AK loadout might look like? Well, look no further. Bob grabbed an AK with a RIS and tried to pick the best gear for combat. Be sure to check them out on our website!

    G&G Full Metal RK103 EVO AEG Airsoft Gun

    JG Foldable Vertical Grip for AK-47 RIS

    Magpul PTS US Palm AK30 Magazine (Black) X 2

    MFT React AK47 Magazine Coupler (Flat Dark)

    King Arms MPS AK Combat Chest Rig (Tan)

    Vism Micro Green Dot Sight (Integrated Red Laser)

    Smith Optics LOPRO Regulator Goggle (Multicam)

    Lancer Tactical Helmet Face Armour (Foliage Green)

    Echo 1 3000rd AK High Capacity AEG Drum Magazine

    Goblin Solo Player Set (Black)

    Madbull MAX Tactical RAS Fix Ver. 3 Scope Riser Mount (Adjustable Length)

    Condor/OE TECH Riggers Belt (M/L, TAN)

    Smith Optics Boogie Shock Cord And Velcro Kit (Tan)

    Smith Optics Boogie Regulator Goggle (Clear)

  • Azimuth Speed Rubber for GHK G5 GBB
    Speed Rubber for GHK G5 by Azimuth

    enhance speed of shot cycle and performance.

  • Azimuth Recoil Rod with Buffer
    Optimized spring length to accommodate shortened receiver to reduce gas usage and increase cycle speed
    Stainless shaft with POM bushings for smooth cycle
    Buffer included to further increase cycle speed and shorten bolt travel
    Suitable for Umarex / VFC MP5K GBB

  • Airsoft – ASG LM4 Defender
    Product Link: Coming Soon

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  • Airsoft GI – Live Show 7-30 Umarex H&K MP5A5 AEG, Desert Fox, Warfighter and more!
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    Umarex H&K Full Metal MP5A5 AEG Airsoft Gun (3 Rounds Burst/by VFC) :

    marex H&K Full Metal MP5A4 AEG Airsoft Gun (3 Rounds Burst/by VFC) :

    Pantac USA Replica Plastic Sapi Plate (Medium) :

    Lancer Tactical Upgrade Parts OEM by SHS :

  • Echo1 M203 and MadBull Grenade Shell repair
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    Products listed:
    Echo1 M203 Short:
    MadBull Grease Set:
    M433 Shell:

  • Airsoft [The Gun Corner] – CAA M4 Series Full Metal AEG
    Product Link:

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  • Airsoft – Operation Shahrazad (OLCMSS)
    Video from Moondog Industries

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  • Airsoft Sponsor Unboxing! What is it now?
    Check out all TruGlo products here
    See the Mako TV Beach edition here.

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  • Socom Gear Magazine Collection
    The Socom Gear Magazine packages are fully loaded and ready for deployment! What ever your set up in the world of M4 or M4 variants-style AEG’s these packages are tailor made to give you maximum about of performance with every trigger pull. Hicap or Midcap, full metal or polymer, black or tan, you will find what you are looking. Made with the high quality standards of Madbull and Socom Gear, these mags get the job done over and over period!
  • How to use your Airsoft crane stock and battery
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    Products used in video:
    Stock knobs:
    Crane Stock:
    Butt Pad:
    PRI Delta 12′:

  • Airsoft GI – $150 AKs! Zero to 150$ Budget Aks Ready to Get Out and Play!
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    Continuing in our series of budget minded guns, we present to you four different options that are under 150$ that are ready to get out and play and good buys for beginning airsofters.

    Lancer Tactical AK74U

    CYMA AK47S Tactical

    D Boy FM Real Wood RK-10

    Echo 1 AK-47 RIS

  • Sniper Rifle Upgrades L96 & VSR-10 ( Airsoft )
    1 of over 400 airsoft war games videos at Filmed by the No1
    YouTube video maker in Scotland, over 120 MILLION hits.
    Scout T-Shirts

    RYAN.K In action with the L96

    JAY in action with his VSR-10

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    Interview Transcript.

    SCOUT: Right guys, most of the viewers, as you know, have been asking about your
    guns, what you have did to them, upgrade wise and how much money you
    have spent

    [ laughter ]

    SCOUT: So Ryan and Jay. Ryan, do you want to go through what you have done to
    your gun first?

    RYAN: It’s a Base Well L96, it’s got a Matrix 6.03 barrel in it, with a LRB mod. It’s got a
    PDI hop chamber, R hop’d Madbull blue bucking, with the nub shaved off.
    It’s a 170 spring, that’s been cut to 150, to bring it into site legal requirements.
    Stock piston, different air nozzle and the rest is stock part from a big ass scope,
    bi pod and a lot of time tuning it.

    SCOUT: What BB’s are you using in that?

    RYAN: I use 0.4g Madbull, Tan, which I wash, prior to loading and shooting.

    SCOUT: Why do you do that?

    RYAN: I believe, it takes the sort of release grease off the BB and you get a better grip
    with the hop and I think they fly truer.

    SCOUT: Going by the kills that you get, I think its probably correct [ laughter ]

    SCOUT: And what’s your background? How did you get into Airsoft?

    RYAN: My brother was actually watching your videos and at that time, I played
    Paintball. I played Tournament Paintball. And.. he asked me if I fancied giving
    it a go and he.. After watching the videos and seeing it, I thought I would give it
    a try. I gave up
    Paintball, tried it and loved it. Fell in love with it, its been fun.

    SCOUT: That’s great, thanks very much Ryan.

    SCOUT: And Jay..

    SCOUT: What’s your background, how did you get into Airsoft?

    JAY: I was in the Army. Started playing Airsoft in the Army. Just carried on since,
    been playing for about five years now.

    SCOUT: Really, uh-huh. And so can you tell us bit about your gun? I know you’ve done
    a lot to it.

    JAY: Base gun is a Tokyo Marui VSR-10. The only parts that are stock on it now are
    the stock itself, the outer barrel and thee bolt housing itself.

    JAY: Starting from the front we’ve got a L96, PDI 6.01 10mm barrel, extended into a
    silencer, which has been added on the end.
    Again, that’s all PDI. PDI hop Unit, with the W hold, PDI chamber packing. Back
    into the cylinder, its a Laylax cylinder with a PDI piston, with the Laylax damper
    pads put inside, it basically just takes some of the noise away.

    2.47 [ Fires VSR ]

    JAY: We’ve got a PDI release button for the mags, PDI Trigger unit and that’s basically

    JAY And we’ve got, again, a huge scope.

    [ laughter ]

    SCOUT: That’s great, thanks very much, I appreciate your time guys.

    For PDI Parts in the USA
    For Laylax parts in the USA

    For PDI and Laylax Parts in the UK

  • KWA M4 CQR MOD1 Review (Giveaway)
    For more info on the gun and airsplat visit:

    This entry level M4 is a great start to get used to KWA and their top notch quality products. Once you get started with a KWA you wont want to switch brands. This gun functions great and all the parts feel very smooth with the matte finish.

  • MS700’s Cousin, ARES MCM700X Spring Sniper Rifle – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    ARES have released their version of the popular M40A3, the MCM700X. This economical package is able to shoot long distances in this spring cocking configuration and has several interesting features and similarities between it and the MS700. Watch this video to see what Tim thinks!

    Products Link:

  • GoPro Hero HD vs Sony HDR-AS15 vs ReplayXD 1080 Part II
    This is a follow up to my previous video. IN this I use game footage that was shot in full 1080p HD. Three players were using the cameras, but we did a test run at the start of the day to try and get a baseline sense of how they operate.

    These videos have also gone through final cut, then compression, then YouTube. If you would like full quality source files please download them directly from

  • G&G Monthly Lucky Draw 2013 07 17
    Prize for luck draw this month is GR4 G26 Standard Plastic Blow Back in Black color!
  • Gun Porn – Systema PTW Customised M16A3 MAX DMR
    My other PTW is an M16 A3 DMR locked to safe and single shot only at 500fps.

    Parts list below

    Systema PTW M16A3 MAX (all mods done – includes addition of one
    off custom sniper spec motor)
    Custom Li-Poly Install
    Magpul PRS Stock
    Magpul Trigger Guard
    G&P SPR Grip
    Madbull JP Flash Hider
    Daniel Defense Lite Rail 12.0
    YHM Flip Up Front Sight/Gas Block
    YHM Flip Up Rear Sight
    PDI 6.01 509mm Inner Barrel
    Prime GEN II Tactical Latch
    Harris-S Swivel Bipod
    6-24-50 UTG Scope

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