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  • PolarStar M1919 Prototype – First Live Fire Test
    A short video clip showing the first live fire test of the PolarStar M1919 prototype. I think we’re going to need more Elite Force BBs!
  • AIRSOFT SNIPERS L96, VSR-10, M14 EBR 1080p HD
    1 of over 400 airsoft war games videos at Filmed by the No1
    YouTube video maker in Scotland, over 120 MILLION hits.
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    Airsoft is a sports game which is played by people, young and old, around world.
    The age anyone can play this game depends on the insurance cover that each site has. Most sites in the UK, USA etc accept players from age 14, though many will also accept players as young as 10. I would advise that before playing Airsoft at any site, you make sure it has insurance cover for all players. Always wear eye protection when using AIrsoft guns, even if you are just playing in your backyard. Airsoft guns are non lethal, no-one has ever been killed or seriously injured using these. It is not possible to convert these guns to fire anything other than little plastic BBs. Above all, Always play safe.

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  • Airsoft GI – $150-$300 Mid-Level M4s. JG, Elite Force, AirsoftGI G4 Custom, and G&G
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    At AirsoftGI, people often ask us what are good guns for a player on an average budget. Well, here are four M4 platform airsoft aegs that are great starting gun for most players. Each gun has a version 2 gearbox, and each gun has something that is unique to that gun, and are sure to be durable and last a long time. Be sure to check them out on our website!

    JG M16A4 RIS Enhanced AEG

    Elite Force M4 CQB Sportline

    AirsoftGI G4 Daniel Defense MFR 9” Blowback AEG

    G&G FM GR-16 A3 Carbine

  • DIY AKS-74U Krink Build – Part 2: Completing the Tula Parts Kit Demilling
    Welcome to the second video in our DIY AKS-74U Krink Build! In this video we’re finishing up the disassembly and demilling process on our Tula Parts Kit.
  • DIY AKS-74U Krink Build – Part 1: Parts, Tools and Disassembling the Parts Kit
    Welcome to the first video in our DIY AKS-74U Krink Build! We’re excited to bring you this series that will walk you through all the steps of assembling a Krink from a Tula Parts Kit.

    Please check out our accompanying article on ITS Tactical for more information and detailed photos along the way:

  • Op Blacksheep At Skirmish 7/6/2013 Frago Mission 1
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    The first video from Operation Blacksheep at Skirmish, located in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania. Follow the PA Joint Operations Group as they set out on their 20:00 Frago mission to rescue a downed helicopter pilot.

  • UMAREX P99C サイレンサーシルバースライドロングマガジン
    てんこ盛り 2980円
  • Airsoft GI – Magpul PTS RM4 Scout Electric Recoil Airsoft Gun By KWA
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    Magpul PTS RM4 Scout Electric Recoil Airsoft Gun By KWA :

    KWA is a well known airsoft manufacturer that has been creating high quality airsoft guns for some time. From airsoft electric guns to gas blow back airsoft guns, Engineered to Outperform, defines the quality of their products. Externally, the material they use is designed to withhold a serious amount of stress giving the gun the utmost durability. Internally, the parts used in their airsoft guns are matched to the highest degree for the smoothest operation over long periods of operation. Overall, their product truly performs on the field, KWA products stick to their motto, Engineered to Outperform.

    The Magpul PTS RM4 Scout Electric Recoil Airsoft Gun by KWA is another step up to KWA’s performance lineup. Internally, the Magpul Scout RM4 features KWA’s newly redesigned 3GX Gearbox with a mechanical / electrical cut off system for a quick and crisp clean shot after every trigger pull. Externally, the Magpul RM4 features a full metal flat top alloy upper receiver in accompany with the Magpul PTS lower receiver. The original pistol grip, stock, and hand guard have been replaced with Magpul PTS products to decrease weight as well as increase comfort when using the airsoft gun. Overall, this is another amazing product from KWA in conjunction with Magpul PTS to produce a high performance, quick response, and lightweight airsoft gun.

    Manufacturer: KWA
    Model: RM4 Scout Electric Recoil
    Color: Black
    Muzzle Velocity: 370-390 FPS
    Magazine Capacity: 30rds
    Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.05mm
    Package Includes: Gun & Magazine
    Kinetic Feedback System (KFS)
    Full metal alloy flat top upper receiver
    Full metal alloy lower receiver
    Adjustable hop-up
    3GX gearbox
    2G high performance bucking
    Mechanical / electric cut off system
    Magpul PTS RM4 PMAG
    Magpul PTS lower receiver
    Magpul PTS MOE hand guard
    Magpul PTS MOE pistol grip
    Magpul PTS MOE stock with recoil pad
    Magpul PTS MBUS rear sight

  • 2 Years Later…
    Yes, it’s actually me!
  • Airsoft – Matt’s Mind – Episode 3: Lost and Found
    Product Link:

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  • REVIEW: G&G UMG UMP .45cal Airsoft Electric Gun -ASTKilo23-
    This is a quick review of the g&g umg .45. Picked it up second hand about a month back. Runs about 12rps on a 7.4v lipo at 330fps.
  • Wing Chun Wall Bag Training
    I’m a student and not a Sifu, this is the first time I’ve videoed some wall bag use.
  • Knot of the Week: How to Wrap a Paddle or Handle with Paracord
    Learn How to Wrap a Paddle or Handle with Coxcombing (spiral hitching) and Turk’s Heads with our latest Knot of the Week on ITS Tactical. Check out the full article here with detailed step-by-step photos:
  • Airsoft GI – New G&G GF85 Assualt Rifle Gun Review with Tim and Jet from DesertFoxAirsoft
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    Although we don’t currently carry it, we wanted to give the viewers in GI-TV land the chance to see some of the up and coming G&G products. The body is incredibly solid, and similar internals to their Top-Tech line up. Stay tuned to our website for future details!

  • Airsoft Collection August 2013
    A video of my armoury with pictures from the last 12 months. Been a year since I videoed my armoury so here is most of the armoury for August 2013! Enjoy!
  • SOPMOD Rear Wire System Assemble / Disassemble Guide
    BOLT B4 SOPMOD is BOLT’s first designed Rear Wire System replica and the instructions shows the important procedure for users to Assemble or Disassemble the Rear Wire System.
  • MSM Adapt Pack
    The MSM Adapt Pack is our first pack design in collaboration with Tactical Tailor. The general design concept to be a lightweight pack that is ready for military use, while being just as handy for hard use civilians.
  • VSR-10 Cocking Problem?
    I am (possibly) experiencing a weird issue with my brand new VSR-10 GSpec. The cylinder won’t cock when I try to do it fairly slowly and smoothly. Not a problem when I do it quickly though. is thsi an issue, or is it normal? Any suggestions for a fix?
  • KWA PTS ERG RM4 Scout – Airsoft Extreme First Look
    The PTS RM4 ERG is right around the corner. Check back for more exciting news and videos from Airsoft Extreme. Click link to pre order yours now!

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