FMA FAST PJ helmet replica overview @ACE

The guys at Airsoft Community Europe have been checking out the FMA FAST PJ helmet replica:

FMA FAST PJ helmet replica overview

Airsoft helmets rather contribute to a genuine look as – different to their real models – they do not come with proper ballistic protection. However, in our physical and sometimes hectic sport we are well advised to wear a helmet. When it comes to outdoor activities the slogan should be ‘safety first’! Most of the replicas are made of solid plastics and provide good protection. Who wants to follow the latest SOF trend won’t get by the ops core replica helmets.


Meanwhile there are several replicas of every model (Base Jump, Carbon, Ballistic) available. We took a closer look at the FAST PJ helmet replica  of FMA, which is based on the Carbon model, and give a short overview.

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(Airsoft Community Europe)

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