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  • Kitanica – ShotShow 2014
    Kitanica presents their latest WASP – Women’s All Season Pant and Mark VI Jacket
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  • Short Range Tactical Pack | VooDoo | SHOT Show 2014 | Airsoftology
    VooDoo Tactical has created a lightweight, sturdy pack that wears comfortably and (the best part) won’t sweat your back up.

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  • HK – Heckler & Koch – ShotShow 2014
    HK celebrates 50 years of the MP5 and gives us a nice history lesson.


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  • MEGA Arms MKM GBB review
    Lets hear the steel sound when you charge the rifle.
    Made by KWA with all steel internal.
  • Ace 1 Arms Osprey Suppressor/Threaded Barrel + Dytac Baseplate Mini Overview (HD)
    Ace 1 Arms Gold Threaded Barrel:
    Ace 1 Arms Osprey Suppressor:
    Dytac WE M&P 10-8 Base Plate:
    Bought all of these bad boys from Boomarms! Yea buddy!
    Go check out Ace 1 Arms as well,
  • Review of the AR57 (AEG) (unboxing gearbox and discounts)
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    Buy the AR57 here:

    AR57 – JP 85

    Use the discount code here:
    watch the video for the code and what it does, not complicated but will help you out :)

    The Easter Eggs will show you how to become king of the field and what is needed to F up a bunch of targets or noobs.

  • Airsoft – Matt’s Mind – Episode 8: Best Food For Airsoft!
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  • Bob’s State of the Union TVB Address – In-N-Out, Krispy Kreme, and much more! | Airsoft GI
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    Bob, after returning from vacation, wanted to give a little speech to let people know a couple things. One, he loves In-N-Out and Krispy Kreme. Additionally, Bob’s rebels have the great opportunity to join with Bob in airsoft and play at Game Pod Combat Zone in Antioch California on Feb. 8th. It will be a great day and you will have the chance to be taught by active military personal. Be sure to get your tickets sooner rather than later, and the best part is, lunch is provided!

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  • 軍艦島2002年冬
  • Maxpedition – ShotShow 2014
    Maxpedition shows what is new and coming for 2014
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  • RAND CLP – ShotShow 2014
    Mike Lamb gives some basic AR cleaning advice and explains why he prefers RAND CLP
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  • Get 15% More Power & Higher Accuracy – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    There has always arguments on whether tight bore or wide bore inner barrels help with power AND accuracy but they never seem to blend together. Tight bore guarantees power, wide bore helps with accuracy. Airsoft Surgeon has found a way to have a Precision Barrel set help with power AND accuracy. Watch this and you’ll see why!

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  • 511 Tactical – ShotShow 2014
    511 Tactical shows us the latest including an expansion of their footwear, collaboration with Strider Knives, Zero-G belt / plate system, and Storm Grey color offerings.
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  • ◀The Strafing Run – Tanks A Lot
    I discuss World of Tanks, War Thunder, and DayZ on this episode of The Strafing Run!

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  • Emerson Quick Adjust Tactical Airsoft Sling Overview

    Today we have a basic overview of the Emerson Quick Adjust Tactical Airsoft Sling; overall, this is a basic sling that gets the job done. I’m not a huge fan of the snapless attachment points, seeing as how this thing is difficult to get onto slim sling mounts. Quick release buckles are a plus as well as a nice padded center, so there’s no biting into your body. The quick adjust system works well when the sling is off your body, but I was a little disappointed that it doesn’t work too great when actually in use. Otherwise, this sling gets the job done.

    Thanks for watching!

  • Airsoft "Not So Round Table" Talk Show – Episode 10 – Evike TV
    Do you choose Cookies or Bacon?



    The following video contains the opinions of personalities, and does not necessarily reflect the views of or other organizations.

    Comment below if you have a question. New episode EVERY WEDNESDAY!
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  • TommyBuilt Tactical – ShotShow 2014
    TommyBuilt Tactical presents their SL8 to XM8 conversion
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  • My Light Everyday Airsoft Loadout -ASTKilo23-
    This is what I typically run every weekend when I play Airsoft. For larger major games, I’ll use my plate carrier and more pouches for increased mag capacity.
  • Airsoft Accessories
    All the accessories in this video are available from MainIrishAirsoft

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    Cut n Run by Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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