Combat Alert 2014

Combat Alert have sent over details of their sixth event taking place this May in Poland:


You are very welcomed to the 6th edition of the air soft military simulation Combat Alert, which will be held on the 23-25th of May 2014 in Poland close to Warsaw. The website of the project will inform you about all details:

"The meeting will last from Friday (23 of May 2014) to Sunday (25 of May 2014), the very manoeuvres will be conducted for 24 hours from Saturday 23of May hour 0:00!

It is already the 6th edition and each year hundreds of players attend (last year 700 payers took part)and most of them come back each year.

At the moment there are only tickets of East Republic Army available. The ERA commander is Kubix who has been commanding for last two years. He is known as a very skillful organizer, understanding the military style and discipline but also good fun which airsoft players expect.

Combat Alert 2013 movie

Participant’s package
1. Entry to the site of Combat Alert game: 23-25 May 2014
2. Enacting scenarios with the use of military equipment.
3. Iron military ration: one specifically compounded, balanced, hot meal, kept by the CA participant to be used as their last resort in the situation when no other sources of finding food will fail – there is no return to the base, the site warfare is long-running, etc.
4. Entry name tag.
5. Weapon control: replicas’ labelling.
6. Laminated map of the site.
7. Mess kit: commanding officer’s guidelines, etc.
8. Team bands.
9. Medic’s equipment: bandages.
10. Each of the participants in their start package gets an abridged rulebook with an alarm phone number to be used for calling for help.
11. Tagging the site and renting headquarters tents, props as well as buying pyrotechnics for teams.
12. Weapon service centre: basic repairs.
13. Contest with valuable prizes.
14. Medical care.
15. Camping site.
16. Safezone parking.
17. Toilets.
18. Water to use for washing.
19. Water to use for drinking.
20. Coffee point: hot water, coffee, tea, sugar, milk, paper cups, tea spoons, paddles.
21. Charging point: generating sets, etc.
22. Footage: available after the premiere.
23. Photo reporting: available after the premiere.
24. Admission to the celebratory Combat Alert 2014 film premiere and photo show which will take place on 28 June 2014 (Saturday) at 20.00. Footage will be shown at the professional studio hall: (Warsaw, ul. Elektronowa 10). The meeting is open for everyone: participants are welcome to take their families, etc.

The others write about us:

"This will be our 4th Combat Alert and the game seems to get larger for every year. We keep coming back for more reasons than fit here: skilled airsofters, fair play, great areas to mention a few. The event is usually well organized with extremely motivated staff. This is the way we prefer airsoft.We’ll met at CA2014!


Airsoft Team RRP

You need more information, contact us:

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