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  • Unboxing | Echo1 Platinum Mystery Gun | Airsoftology | Unscripted
    The first release of our new Unscripted "behind the scenes" series; we open up a mystery review box from Echo1 and see what we’ll have in store for an upcoming video.

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  • Shot Shot – Zshot Amoeba – Airsoft GI
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  • WE M1911 ENGRAVED ver. CRW airsoft
    New ver of silver m1911 by WE
  • The REAL Lego Movies
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as excited as the next LEGO fan to see the movie coming out tomorrow. But this is just a little reminder to the world about who makes the REAL Lego Movies.

    Videos Featured:

    The Lego Movie Batman Intro in Stop Motion by The Brick Block Show:

    Lego Superman Vs. Zod – World’s Finest! by Sean Willets:

    Major Malfunction by MisterMulluc:

    The Front by Twickabrick:

    An Unlikely Hero by Sean Warton:

    The Machine by SuburbAnimStudios:

    The Profession by Zach Macias:

    A LEGO BATMAN FILM by James Morr:

    LEGO Star Wars: Battlefront by Spencer Olson:

    Lego – The Force Unleashed by Jordan Johnson:

    Henri & Edmond – Droits d’auteur by Maxime Marion:

    LEGO Battle at the Black Gate by Brotherhood Workshop:

    LEGO: The Call of Farqunglu by bionicle28:

    Ninja Assassin Trailer IN LEGO! by Keshen8:

    Foster the People – Houdini (in LEGO) by Dylan Woodely:

    ** All footage was used with the express permission of their respective owners **

    Music by Spencer Olson:

  • THYRM – Costa SwitchBack Tactical Flashlight Ring
    THYRM presents their Tactical Flashlight Ring, a new spin on optimizing the ergonomics of popular tactical flashlights for searching and shooting.


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  • Professional Personal / Team Portable Rifle Gun Rack – Airsoft
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  • A&K PKM Full Metal Airsoft AEG Wood Version – AirSplat On Demand
    A&K PKM Full Metal Airsoft AEG Wood Version $749.99

    – Velocity: 430 fps (0.2 g BB) / Range 140-160 feet
    – Barrel Length: 27 inches / 68 cm
    – Magazine Capacity: 4000 Rounds
    – Full Metal Construction
    – Realistic Box Mag
    – Real Wood Stock
    – The Most Accurate PKM Replica On The Market

  • Shot Show – G&G Dual Sector Gear AEG – Airsoft GI
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  • PEQ-16A | Freakin’ Laser Beams | Airsoftology
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    5% off anytime Airsoftpeak coupon code: Yairsoftology

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  • Elite Force H&K MP5 – Great CQB Guns at an Affordable Price! | Airsoft GI
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    The MP5 is a very signature gun from both real military forces to video games and now from Elite Force, you can own one for a very great price. There are two different models, each with its own tactical advantage. The MPK doesn’t have a stock, meaning it can be concealed even easier and used more like a pistol. The MP5 A4 has a full stock which makes it even easier to house your battery. Be sure to check them out on our website!

    MP5 A4:


    MP5 Drum Mag:

  • 3GN Rumble Highlights
    Trailer: Check out some of the action from the 2014 3-Gun Nation "Rumble on the Range"
  • MEGA Arms 氣動 鋼内件M4 GBB靚聲王
    巧巧聽呀!鋼之撞擊聲。PTS MEGA ARMS MKM GBB
  • Action SL MK4 Sterling (with PTW internal)
    ACTION SL-MK4 AEG (PTW System)
    – Fully Automatic Shooting Mode
    – Steel Made Receiver
    – Steel Front & Rear Sight
    – Steel Made Folding Stock
    – Polymer Pistol Grip
    – Equipped with M120 Cylinder Set
    – 202mm 6.04 Precision Barrel
    – Steel Housing 40 Rounds Magazine (For 6mm Plastic Pellets)
  • FirstSpear Grid Reference Guide Organizer Pocket
    The FS Grid Reference Guide (GRG) Organizer Pocket is a handy tool for utilizing status cards, target photos or other key data needed in hard copy. Mil-Spec elastic webbing keepers can hold pens, wax pencils etc. & a small stretch pocket will hold items roughly the size of a battle dressing. Items are secured by an integrated hook & loop flap with a loop exterior field for attachment of patches. The clear area inside the GRG Organizer can be marked on with alcohol pens, wax pencil etc…
  • Milkor – ShotShow 2014
    Milkor presents their M32A1 40mm Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher
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  • Vltor – ShotShow 2014
    VLTOR presents their latest rifles including the Praetorian line, 16" Warrior, 16" Warrior, and a full line of SBRs
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  • Airsoft "Not So Round Table" Talk Show – Episode 11 – Evike TV
    The following video contains the opinions of personalities, and does not necessarily reflect the views of or other organizations.

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  • Z-Tactical Wireless PTT Adaptor Airsoft Overview

    Today we have the video overview of the Z-Tactical Wireless PTT Adaptor for Airsoft Headsets; overall, this is a nice piece of equipment that allows airsofters to have easier access to their PTT functions. Instead of fiddling with a small button, this adaptor offers a large PTT piece that can be pushed by just about anything you have available on the field. A convenient rail mounted off/on switch aids in reducing the chances of you accidentally ‘hotmicing’ (although it doesn’t work that great). Overall, a nice solid piece to aid in your on field communication!

    Thanks for watching!

  • Modify Complete Torus High Speed Gearbox -ASTKilo23-
    Today we are checking out the Modify Torus complete high speed gearbox! Shoots 360-370fps in the Echo 1 Sog 68 and is very easy to install. It features Modify’s modular gear set, making the installation of a different gear set extremely easy for beginner players. I also hear it is more durable than any other gearbox on the market today.

    You can ask your local retailer to carry the gearbox here:

    Here’s Brian from Echo 1’s video on the Sog68:

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