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  • MagBlock Presented by TheGearlocker Net
    MagBlock Presented by www.TheGearlocker.Net

    For my First Video with, I cover the MagBlock. This tool is designed tp keep unwanted items

  • LIVE SHOW – New Guns, and so much more – Join us! | Airsoft GI
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  • 4秒傳奇
    GHK M4 GBB for magazine version 2.0

    GHK 2代M4彈匣最理想灌氣值只須4秒(12KG)

    對比灌10秒的差異 請看影片


  • Steel Slide Glock 17 GBB 中文
    Steel slide Glock 17 with real marking lower frame
    Use Co2 or Top gas magazine
    Weight like real steel Glock17
  • Taiwan Steel Slide Glock 17 GBB (English)
    Steel slide Glock 17 with real marking lower frame
    Use Co2 or Top gas magazine
    Weight like real steel Glock17
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  • Viewer’s Choice Tokyo Marui PSG-1 Sniper Rifle – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    Our 500th video is a Viewer’s Choice of the renowned Tokyo Marui PSG-1. See why this iconic sniper rifle has such a reputation, and what made it such an innovative airsoft gun of its time.

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  • Space Age Shooter! | The Beretta ARX 160 | Elite Force | Airsoftology
    Is this futuristic rifle all looks and no soul, or does it dominate the competition? Watch as we run it through the paces so you can decide.

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  • SCDTV – BO Manufacture FSB.13 VIDEO REVIEW
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    BO BO Manufacture FSB.13
    Enjoy our review of this stunning piece of a custom AEG.

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    Ever wondered who is a better sniper between you and your friends? This past Saturday, Daniel and Brian decided to have a little friendly competition to see who the better sniper is. With 2 JG Bar 10s, whoever had the most kills in one game by the end of the match won. Let us know what you think of this video in the comments below, and if you like watching this kind of stuff! Also, be sure to check out our airsoft sniper rifles below!

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  • Airsoft "Not So Round Table" Tactical Sandwich?! Ep. 22 – Evike TV
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  • LCT Airsoft AK47 Tactical AEG Rifles – AirSplat On Demand
    LCT Airsoft AK47 Tactical AEG Rifles
    LCT TX63 AK47 Tactical Airsoft AEG $399.99
    LCT MG-MS NV AK47 Airsoft AEG $299.99

    LCT Airsoft specialists in high end precision made airsoft replica rifles. Their AK series typically features Full Metal Receivers and Real Wood Furniture, and they do offer a line of more economical options. If you are looking for a high quality AK47 reproduction, LCT is a way to go.

  • WE SCAR H SSR & H AEG Airsoft
    Another UK exclusive!
    S.W.A.T. Fortress (Liverpool) gets a first look at the amazing WE SCAR H SSR and H formats courtesy of

    Bamf gives a quick shoot and lets you take a close look of these AEG’s from WE. He has both the SCAR H SSR & the H variants.

    Made by WE

    Filmed on location at SWAT FORTRESS Urban Venue, Liverpool 2014.
    Full Article & more intel:

    Created By: Yosser @ Airsoft Odyssey
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    Video/Design & edits by Yosser from Airsoft Odyssey
    Checkout the blog
    Pictures/Video Copyright 2014 EllieTDog Studios, Wigan
    Filmed on location at British Airsoft Show part of the British Shooting Show 2014

    Opening titles by Getaway Films: – available for commissions
    End titles by Crawlerz: – available for commisions

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