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  • G&P Carbon Fiber Custom M14 DMR [The Gun Corner] Airsoft
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  • Load co2 to Cam870 and test fire
    How to load co2 into the shells?
    And see the damage of 12 Bb with co2
  • CAM870M Cartridge Action Marker Shooting Test
    Amazing Shot Gun made by APS
  • KWA KMP9s Are Back in Multiple Colors! Perfect Gas Guns for CQB | Airsoft GI
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    CQB is tough. However, with the right gun, it can be a lot easier. These two guns are designed to give you the tactical advantage. The KWA KMP9 & the M93R are perfect for players looking to get faster response, awesome rate of fire, and still maintain a small profile. Be sure to check these guns out on our website, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

    KWA KMP9:

    KWA M93R Pistol:

  • ra tech steel recoil guide tube for marui kj 45 serries
  • Wolverine Airsoft SMP HPA Electro Pneumatic Engine – Coming Soon – AirSplat On Demand
    Wolverine SMP Airsoft HPA Engine – Coming Soon!
    Check out More Coming Soon Items at AirSplat!

    The SMP is a drop in electro-pneumatic cylinder unit which fits into an existing gearbox. It utilizes a direct solenoid fired mechanism which reduces the number and complexity of parts. While others have experimented with direct solenoid fired designs with limited success, the key is the Wolverine Airsoft springless imbalanced poppet design. This design is currently in the process of being patented.

    This system has a variety of advantages:

    -Engineered, manufactured, and assembled in the USA!
    -One moving part (excluding the solenoid valve)
    -Reduced number of critical seals
    -Improved air efficiency over comparable systems
    -Wide range of operating pressures (40-125psi)
    -Improved cross platform compatibility
    -Reduced cost due to significantly lower parts count
    -True open bolt design (rear biased nozzle gives instant trigger response with no first shot dry fire)
    -Safety: while sufficiently high velocities can be achieved to satisfy most every need on the airsoft field, unnecessarily high and potentially dangerous velocities are not easily attainable using an SMP system.

  • PolarStar Airsoft – "Project X"
    One of the several projects currently in development at PolarStar Airsoft. Patent Pending.
  • Meet GI Tactical Mason at our Anniversary Sale, April 19th | Airsoft GI
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    Daniel talks with Mason about his guns gear and his all russia team. "Remember, No Russian."

    Be sure not to miss our GI Tactical Anniversary Sale this Saturday on April 19th! We will have tons of free giveaways, raffles, and goodie bags. We are raffling away a ton!

    Additionally, we will have awesome booths from our sponsors there, local fields and teams, and have 21.5% off in our store for your shopping convenience.

    You could also win a helicopter ride through American Milsim where you can rain down bbs on your opponent all while riding in a helicopter.

    Be sure not to miss our GI Tactical Anniversary Sale,
    April 19th, 9am – 5pm!

    100-A North Providence Road,
    North Chesterfield, Virginia, 23235
    1 (804) 320-2535

  • Airsoft "Not So Round Table" Unpacked Parachutes?! Ep. 23 – Evike TV
    The following video contains the opinions of personalities, and does not necessarily reflect the views of or other organizations.

    Check out Warfighter Airsoft:

    Check out Matt and George’s facebook pages:

  • KRYTAC Mechbox Tech Torture Test
    According to KRYTAC: "A few minutes of firing our KRYTAC Mechbox after having sat in our dry ice cooler for a few hours. This GB has an SP140 spring installed (the only non OEM part in the mechbox) and is being fired with an 11.1v 20c Tenergy LiPo battery."
  • Cam870 can be fitted with other stock
    I have tried tanaka folding stock and real steel FAB pistol grip
    *YOUTUBE –

    Here is your chance to win one ADMISSION TICKET to American Milsim Broken Home III AND a Helo Gun Run! You take care of the rest; travel, lodging, food, etc.

    DISCLAIMER: You must be 18yrs old to enter. If you are under the age of 18 have a parent or guardian enter for you and in the event that you win have a parent/guardian accompany you to the event.

    1. Make sure you are subscribe to my FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, AND YOUTUBE CHANNEL
    2. COMMENT ANYWHERE on those platforms with

    DEADLINE IS MAY 1, 2014

    Goodluck to ONE lucky winner!

    ====Special Thanks To====

    Contour Camera


    Revision Military

    Elite Force

    Mechanix Wear

  • Why it is important in airsoft to accept a "50/50 hit" when unsure…
    Why it is important in airsoft to accept a "50/50 hit" when unsure…

    It is very common to not feel hits. It happens to us all from time to time. How can you know you shot cleanly?

    Example: both of the guys in this film were clearly hit before they fired, but they both refused to take it.

    I don’t get the slightest bit angry at such things, airsoft is not that important, but we have standing order in my team that all potential 50/50’s are taken without arguing about it – so when they said "I felt nothing" I walked. Consequently my team play airsoft as calm as zen masters.

    I personally think that is a very good rule to have.

    Will airsoft ever overcome this mistaken non-hit taking and make it to a proper sport? Or should we all just blat the hell out of each other on full auto?

    What’s your thinking?

  • Brown Gas – The 100% "Natural" Green Gas Replacement | Airsoftology
    Move over Green Gas! ‘Airfarce Industries’ presents the newest way to power your Gas Blowback airsoft gun: Brown Gas

    Make the leap to the new, environmentally friendly and 100% sustainable propellant today…operators are standing by!

    Shop for Brown Gas Merch here:

    A HUGE thanks to all of the Airsoft YouTubers that helped make this video happen; check out their channels and send them a subscribe!

    Jet "DesertFox" DelCastillo –
    Milsim Junkie –
    Spartan117GW –
    MAKO-TV –

    And a bonus thanks to SS Airsoft for allowing us to use their field!


    Airsoftology Website:

  • TOP M4 test
  • APS CAM870 co2 shotgun
    CRW in stock now
  • Intelligent Armour Molle connectors
    Molle connectors, quick to fit, easy to use

    For more information, see:

    Intelligent Armour Molle connectors are designed to enable the connection of various items of equipment to vests, body armour or other equipment that use Molle based systems.

    Available in 3" or 6" to suit your requirements and also in Black, Multicam and Tan.

  • APS CAM870 in stock at CRW
    APS HK brand new product Cam870 shell eject shotgun test
  • Specter Gear Overview with Bob – Angled Mag Pouch and More! | Airsoft GI
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    If any of you have ever wondered what Bob’s uses on the field, here is a small glance at one of the manufacturers that Bob uses. Specter Gear has been creating some of the highest quality plate carriers as well as mag pouches, and Bob wanted to showcase some of their stuff. Daniel also recently took the angled mag pouch out to play, and absolutely loved playing with it, because it helped him achieve a faster reload. If you like any of the gear, be sure to check it out on our website, and let us know in the comments below what you thought!

    Specter Modular Plate Carrier:

    Specter Modular Plate Carrier 2:

    Specter MOLLE/PALS Compatible PFC PriMac Mag Pouch:

    Specter Utility Pouch:

    Specter Buttstock Pouch:

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