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  • WE Bulldog Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol – AirSplat On Demand
    WE Bulldog Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol $109.99
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    MAY 24, 2014



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  • How to Cinch Your Shoes in 0.5 Seconds!
    Book Purchase Link: There are a variety of ways to cinch your shoes, the most popular of which is a Standard Bow Knot. But tying a Bow Knot can take an average of two seconds to accomplish, and even the Tom Fool’s Knot takes a whopping second to complete. I say you have better things to do with your time. In turn, I present a method of cinching your shoes that takes 0.5 seconds. That’s right…you heard me correctly. Only 0.5 Seconds!
  • Operation Reclamation III – The Axeman’s Last Stand (Part 2) Airsoft GI
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    Enjoy Part 2 of the Operation Reclamation III video series. There were three main objectives to capture during the day, the Airfield, Hospital, and BRF HQ. While Daniel and Jay take their forces to the other objectives, Bob heads out to capture the Hospital.

    After facing stiff resistance, Bob and his platoon successfully capture the Hospital. He organizes his troops into defense positions as BRF forces are not willing to let it go so easily and mount a HEAVY counter attack with orders to capture Bob by any means necessary…

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  • Airsoft Megastore Epic Moments of Airsoft 003
  • Tourniquet Best Practices: How to Prep, Store and Apply a TQ
    Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics joins Bryan to explain the proper application of Tourniquets and some best practices.

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  • Combat Shooting Sports is Giving away a .22 LR
    That’s right folks.. 1 Winner will get a Cricket .22 LR courtesy of Combat Shooting Sports out of Winter Park FL..

    Follow this Link to enter (FB account required to Enter, Must be 18 or older and a Resident of the US).. All Gun Regulations apply..

  • Airsoft Obsessed: CQB City’s Friday Night Game
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  • Cybergun FNX gbb prototype review (Engish) by CRW
    Cybergun FNX coming soon around End of July
    Top gas, hard kick, large volume magazine, smooth firing
  • Cybergun FNX gbb prototype
    Cybergun FNX prototype preview, large mag with strong kick back
  • A Submachine Gun’s Best Friend | E-Pistol Taco Magazine Pouch by HSGI | Airsoftology
    If you own a MP7, MP5, UMP45 or any other Submachine gun, today’s your lucky day… We’re looking at the SMG’s new best friend, the HSGI Extended Pistol Taco to see if it’s the answer to your magazine retention prayers.

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  • NEW WE SCAR AEG MK17 SSR (Sniper Variant) and MK16/MK17! Family Overview! – Airsoft GI
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    Introducing the NEW line of Full Metal WE AEG SCARs! Three models are available in Tan that include the MK16-L, MK17-H, and MK17-SSR (sniper variant!). These guns are another great option for a solid SCAR platform that is more affordable than other SCARs on the airsoft market today.

    FPS is around 400-410 on all models and features include ambidextrous controls, functioning charging handle, full metal RIS, and high ROF out of the box!

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  • G&G – G&Gガンタグ・マンスリー 日本限定特別企画!!2014年6月抽選!
  • G&P MOTS Rapid Fire [Coming Soon] Airsoft
    Coming soon. More info to come.

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    Enjoy intros of FSB.13 and M4 BAW reviews combined into one short airsoft flick.
    All airsoft guns used in this production were supplied by BO Manufacture ( )

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  • WarFighter Airsoft Interview – AirSplat On Demand
    WarFighter Airsoft Interview – Non Profit Organization
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    AirSplat Supports the Troops
    AirSplat Supports the Community

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