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  • The CZ Scorpion EVO3 A1 Review | Is this a PTW Killer? | Airsoftology
    We take a look at the new EVO3 A1 Scorpion by ASG to see if this feat of engineering is a huge leap in airsoft technology, or just another pretty face in the crowd.

    And once you’re done watching, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the EVO as well, so drop them in the comment section below!

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  • 552標定
  • Rad’s airsoft tracer units to avoid
    Radrockin discusses what Airsoft Tracer Units to avoid. The best tracer units are Tokyo Marui and G&G Tracer Units
  • Rad and Ajax discuss Marks Ajax Customs Wolverine
    Rad and Ajax discuss Marks Ajax Customs Wolverine SMP rifle.
    Be sure go to ajaxcustoms dot Kom for all your competitive needs.
  • ECHO 1 Red Star IGOR Airsoft Gun Review
    Today we have the video review of the ECHO 1 Red Star IGOR Airsoft AEG, this model having the false wood stock.

    Overall, this is a really unique AEG that combines a carbine length with a sort of sniper style. ECHO 1 brings forth a quality AEG, with a semi easy to access battery space, an effective hop up, simple iron sights, and the potential for some customization with a side mount built onto the gun. The big issue? The magazine is a feeding nightmare, as you will hear me discuss in the video.

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  • Epic Machine Gun – Knight’s Armament Stoner LMG (Updated Version) – Airsoft GI
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    Gun Link:

    Barrel Extensions Link:

    Dummy Rounds Link:

    Red Dot Link:

    The Knight’s Armament (KAC) Stoner LMG is one of the BEST choices for a support weapon. The extremely compact and lightweight design provides a distinct advantage against older style support weapons being that it still offers the same firepower.

    This model is the updated version from KAC comes included with at 1,200 round auto feeding box magazine, full metal body and RIS unit, included rail covers, grip, and highly upgrade internals. And it’s MUCH more affordable than the original version!

    If you’re looking for an epic support weapon, look no further as the KAC Stoner LMG has it all!

  • Airsoft Assault @Airsoft Expo2014 the free classified ads website for UK airsofters.
    Airsoft Odyssey interview with Steve from Airsoft Assault explaining the concept and what the website is all about.

    Filmed at Airsoft Expo UK 2014 – at by Airsoft Odyssey.

    Interviewer: Yosser of Airsoft Odyssey
    Edited at Ellie T Dog Studios, Wigan – An Indiana Bones Production for Airsoft Odyssey – Copyright 2014, all rights reserved.

  • Magnum Boots [The Locker] Airsoft
    Product Link:

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  • I.O. Inc Showcase what’s new with the company and the Products!
    For more information on I.O. Inc, please visit their Facebook page or their website:


    3 days of exclusive access to their Company and Employees, as well as their products. I.O. Inc is focused on bringing US made models to the US market and beyond! New Employees, New Location, New Attitude should mean new success!

    Some of the photos included in this video were provided by I.O. Inc….

  • Nova WE M&P pro SA 滑架
    Please visit
  • Prime P226 Navy NSW kit for marui P226R
    Only 100 pieces was made.
    With real p226 grip
  • G&G ガンタグ・マンスリー 日本限定特別企画!!2014年9月抽選!
  • Nova M&P9 Pro SAI for WE GBB
    For WE M&P9 gbb pistol
  • VENOM mochi by Stormdrane X Mochibrand
    The drawstring backpack reinvented by Mochibrand
    Stormdrane’s Blog:
    Limited Edition VENOM mochi by Stormdrane:
  • G&G 世界盃極限射擊大賽 – 規則說明
  • G&G World Cup Shooting Competition – Instructions & Rules
  • AST Custom FN SPR A5 LV2, Maple Leaf Cylinder & Trigger Upgrade Set
    Velocity around 160 m/s
    Maple Leaf Hop up rubber
    RA-TECH Precision inner barrel 6.01
    Maple Leaf Cylinder & Trigger Upgrade set

    Get it here:

    AST客製化FN SPR A5 LV2空氣長槍
    射速 160 mps

  • Operation Ironclad Teaser – American Milsim – Airsoft GI Gameplay
    Bob and Daniel head to Mississippi for Operation Ironclad brought to you by American Milsim. This milsim event was held at Camp Shelby at their CAC Training Facility which featured epic multi-story buildings, tunnel systems, sniper towers, and a whole lot more.

    Enjoy this teaser, a LOT more footage soon to come.

    American Milsim:

    West Coast Shipping:

    East Coast Shipping:

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  • G&G 2014 World Cup Shooting Competition in Taipei,Taiwan
    G&G :
    G&G CQB :
    facebook :
    eHobby Asia :

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