Madbull licensed famous Lantac muzzle brake for airsoft

Madbull are now working to produce licensed Lantac muzzle brakes:


It’s official!! Famous Lantac muzzle brake will be released before X’mas! Like and share if you are willing to see this amazing product!
Lantac website:
Madbull webiste:

LANTAC is very pleased to announce that we have today licensed our products for Airsoft manufacture to MADBULL Airsoft.
There have been a number of unlicensed, sub-standard copies of our brakes manufactured by unscrupulous companies and this new licensing deal will deliver a high quality 100% original product into the hands of Airsoft shooters across the world.
We have also licensed our entire product line to include our SPADA handguard system and UAR / Raven Upper and Lower receiver sets. So Airsoft shooters will be able to build a complete LANTAC rifle system if they desire.
New 2015 products will also be included and you will be able to see these on our booth at SHOTSHOW 2015.

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