0241Tactical pillow cases

0241Tactical have sent over details of their pillow cases:


0241Tactical standard size Pillow Cases come in a set (two pillow cases) available in A-TACS AU, FG, and Multicam. So for those of you who dream in camouflage this is a perfect addition to your room. Single guys – this will ensure women flock to your bedroom because its a scientific FACT that women are hot for guys who have camouflage pillow cases. True story. They can’t help themselves. Ladies – It was proven by scientists in lab coats and glasses that using our pillow cases on the twenty four pillows adoring your bed will hypnotize any man into thinking you’re super awesome while in reality you really hate this crap. Anyway he’ll be a believer and that’s what we’re going for right? But its OK you’re still super awesome even if it took our pillow cases for your man to realize it.


a4Our pillow case users will dream in camouflage and through the science of osmosis you will inherit the same camouflage capabilities as a Predator alien. In fact you will become the predator. How cool would that be? Show up to work Monday morning – take crap from the boss – hells no! You’ll zap him (or her) with your shoulder mounted laser and rip his spine and skull out for a trophy. Seriously no one will dare cross your path if you’re the predator. If you think about it – spending a couple bucks on a pillow case that turns you into a predator alien would pay for itself in the first five minutes at work. Five minutes!

Anyway I could go on and on about the benefits of becoming a predator alien with awesome camouflage abilities and shoulder mounted lasers but the reality is that these pillow cases are awesome – built to last out of 100% USA Made material.

Check them out on www.0241Tactical.com

*legal disclaimer 0241Tactical Pillow Cases do not guarantee that the user will turn into the predator or increase the likelihood of a physical encounter – results may vary* We had to put this in here because there’s always that one guy who’ll take you to court…..


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