Lucid Mind: Best of wishes .. we are back

Lucid Mind is back and looking forward to 2015:

Hello all of you Airsoft fanatics ..

First of all, allow me to wish you all of the best for 2015, from the entire Lucid Clan !

image (2)

After a wild year, a reposing holiday and plenty of airsoft on the field, I’m back to annoy you yet another year with my personal view on our wonderful sport.

From next week on, you will be receiving mails and articles on regular bases, in Dutch, English and French, on not only the most kickass sport in the world (being airsoft .. just in case you were wondering) but also on several other adventurous projects I’m working on.

If these articles do NOT suit your format, just ignore them. At this stage, it is just impossible for me to make separate listings for all agencies I’m working with. (plus, I still am that horrible rebel everybody just loves to hate)

Please note that my Lucid Mind profile has been transformed into a page, this due to practical reasons, and can be found on ..

My personal profile (with plenty of personal stuff) has become

Feel free to add me as a friend should you see fit.

To end this first mail of 2015, I would like to share with you again my "lets fuck with paintball" video I’ve made, in reply to a challenge that was given by a English paintball company.

English version :

Dutch version :

Feel free to share or use, just please do link back to my profiles.

Skirm on ! (Lucid Mind)

On this day..

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