Gunfire stock update 30th April 2015

Gunfire have some new items in stock:

Hi, New deliveries in Gunfire:

Below are the latest deliveries in Gunfire:

Our last delivery of Umarex is full of interesting replicas. You will find there highest quality AEG and GBB replicas, fully licensed by firearm manufacturers like Heckler&Koch, Beretta or Walther.


With our last delivery from Umarex we have received HK417D GBB replicas. Fully licensed by Heckler & Koch!


We’ve just replenished our stocks with SHS and PPS products. Recent delivery contains over 200 products, including internal parts, PPS precision barrels and 40mm grenades.


We have just received a delivery from KWC. In it you can find plenty of interesting GBB pistol replicas.


We have resupplied such products as King Arms VSS Vintorez or Amoeba AM-003.



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