Discount coupon for new registrations @Airsoft Online Shop

7HkCIIn6LZFk1_M20xXmbqRcP03dv47QJ11-BwnH7At7Ct0pGE0k_o61Dzkc4jEdNM6fXx9fJvkEecmR12J2Zj2zwG33GRXJfRm43V3nDf9IWUN6XXJ8Zjcv60icu3UHzA=s0-d-e1-ftAirsoft Online Shop have a special offer for new customers:

FvFK4ri5gdp71UQkNYddrulS8PDmJqAkc1rLGYoFD5aPYvkYcZzVcuFuZ25RjTWD53AodZ3Ks6pRztcozFnpUjESEC95FVuyRlQAK8ZR7bVcVlPAkHrcIULS_XC2viKucTROCKyKzLc=s0-d-e1-ftDear Sir/Madam:
Hereby we invite you to join and register in our new airsoft online shop(We call AOLS in short):
Every new registrant will get 20USD coupon which can be used in any order over 100USD in AOLS Coupon code :HYtbItzzqLp Please input the Coupon code before order confirmation,then confirm order.And every registrant get another coupon when he invite his friend register in AOLS successfully.More coupon will be sent to old clients when order cnfirmed.

Note: These coupon can not used with registrant coupon in one order.


pMetsdmmk03uiqFcM35t2hv4Wsa_2KbHyFJoyArdlDSAYvrOEIPMX28Cwrt3QS-WGRplx9r1n0st9BsY1BxK56OjaSzX0-AXgKq9q95tYHE=s0-d-e1-ftAOLS, your one-step airsoft shop online.

You can scan the QR code or click the link below to visit our website for further information. or scan via wechat for further information.+

Best Regards
Hans Aols Team (Airsoft Online Shop)

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