New woodland Ambush site – Camp Delta

Hustler ( dropped me a line about their new woodland site:

Hi Arnie, Thought I’d drop you a line to let you know about Ambush Wargames Events (AWE) new woodland site "Camp Delta".

Situated in over 300 acres of woodland Camp Delta is a strikingly varied woodland site with areas of huge ferns some dark dark woods and 40ft high Rhodie Jungles. The game areas are secluded and the site features a  well equipped safe zone with all the facilities you would expect to find, and a few more too.

image image

We have big plans for this site and have already started building Fire bases, Sniper nests and bunkers, but these are the icing on the cake the natural features of the woodland alone provide more than challenging game zones!

Located on the A327 about a mile away from the entrance to the original Eversley site Camp Delta is situated within easy access of the M4 and the M3.

Both site are still fully operation so we now have weekly AWE open Days! And the monthly milsims will alternate between the two.

Hustler (

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