AOLS airsoft Remington shotgun M870 variants

Airsoft Online Shop have the airsoft Remington shotgun M870 variants, super shorter pirate version & RAS version in stock:


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As the photos showed,now these two newest M870 airsoft guns are large quantity in stock and on sale now.

First one is RAS version, be with full CNC machining RAS and M4 adjustable stock, making this M870 looks mighty and domineering. Many accessories can be mounted on this long RAS. This M4 adjustable stock can be use for real guns. Players also can install many different stock to this M870 as their interests. This version is much heavier and longer than the Pirate version, but it also can be loaded by single-hand.

Second one is super shorter Pirate version, With wood grip, wood handguard and full metal body. It looks simple and elegant. The handguard is made with Beech wood which was from Germany, CNC processed. The size of some parts are totally same as actual parts, which can be used for real guns. And just as you saw in this video, it can be loaded by single-hand.

Welcome to visit our online shop for knowing more about them(

And you can go through this video to know more about them.

Any interested or commend,please contact us.

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Skype: skertechnology001

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