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Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

Some excellent playing at Tuddenham this week for the Milsim Lite wekkend, thanks guys.

Coming up this weekend we are at Eversley for the first game in the Shadow Wars Series.

Next weekend, we’re celebrating Halloween a week early at our Tuddenham Skirmish weekend, with a horrifying night game of survivors vs freaks and fancy dress encouraged all weekend.


Josh Smith

Eversley Milsim Lite October 17th & 18th

Five years from now, governments have crumbled and corporations are ruling the world.  Welcome to Shadow Wars…

This month’s opening episode will see a battle over three dirty bombs which one corporation plans to use against another.  The outcome is up to you…

Tuddenham Halloween Skirmish & Survivor Night Game Oct 24th & 25th

A weekend of fancy dress shenanigans as we celebrate Halloween a week early.  All the usual skirmish action you can expect from our end of month weekend, but with a spooky overtone.

The climax of the weekend will be the Saturday night Survivor run through the village with freaks trying to scare the living daylights out of the survivors as they pick their way through the buildings to reach building 12.

If you come dressed as a freak and are prepared to haunt the village for part of the night it’s only £10, you will still be able to try a few survival runs as well if you wish.  If you only want to play as a survivor it’s £15.

(Gunman Airsoft)

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