APS ASR117,118,119 further information

APS have sent over details of their ASR117, 118 and 119:

ASR117 poster 02 copy

M4 Rifle never gets bored!

There is no denying that AR-15 or M4 Rifle is one of the most popular Airsoft rifles used by Airsoft players. You won’t be surprise how many players are carrying it on the field. Even though there are hundred of variant M4 models selling in the market, in 2016, APS created three beautifulM4 Rifle that will definitely attract your eye sight.

ASR117 – Boar Tactical 16” Key Mod Rifle


You can tell by its name “Boar Tactical”. What’s the advance feature of this rifle?

1) Standard comes with 16” RIS KeyMod Hand Guard.
2) Dynamic Hand Stop Grip.
3) Quick Detach Sling Buckle.
4) RAF “7” Shaped Straight Trigger
5) Athena Flip Up Sights
6) Equipped APS highest quality 8mm full bearing silver Edge
Gear Box.
7) Trimmed Lower Receiver.
8) Standard comes with Ambi Magazine Release Catch (Magazine release button on both side of the gun)

With the long barrel and Silver Edge Gear Box used in our ASR117, accuracy is significantly improved. ASR117 can be used an assault rifle, or somehow used as a sniper rifle because its accuracy and range.

Further developed from ASR117, we have created an 3 Gun version named ASR118.

ASR118 – 3 Gun 16” Key Mod Rifle


You can tell by its name “3 Gun”. It is more than a standard rifle because it not only inherits the advance feature of ASR117, but also comes with more luxury feel of:

1) RAF “7” Shaped Straight Trigger (Gold Colored)
2) Fire Selector (Gold Colored)
3) Ambi Magazine Release Catch (Gold Colored)
4) Bolt Release Catch (Gold Colored)
5) Flash Hider (Gold Colored)
6) Stippled Pistol Grip (Hand Made)
7) Fiber Optic Back Up Sights
8) Licensed trademark “3 Gun Nation” engraved on the body

ASR119 – 3 Gun Custom (Special Mode) – Hot Red Rifle!


The most attractive M4 Rifle that is designed for shooting. Same as its brother ASR117 and ASR118, it has 16” Keymod RIS, 8mm full bearing Silver Edge Gear Box, RAF Straight Trigger, Licensed 3 Gun Nation Trademark on the body, trimmed lower receiver……etc, last but not least, the body and hand guard are painted in Red.

Why painted in Red, because red colored rifle is rare in the market, it is typically designed for shooting competition use, especially 3 Gun sport shooting where shooter usually dress up colorful shirt and pants with all the sponsors, brand name on it. Shooter won’t satisfy with black rifle while shooting, a red colored rifle is what the shooter always wants. It attracts audience’s eye sights all the time.


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