SPEED HPA regulator in action

SPEED Airsoft have shared a video review of their HPA regulator:

SPEED HPA Regulator in action!

The SPEED HPA Regulator is an uniquely designed small form factor regulator that is packed with features that all HPA airsofters want. Four output ports for high configuration and a lightning fast recharge rate for the best possible performance.

The practical on/off knob on the regulator with auto air purge is convenient and allows a player to change air tanks on the fly, without touching the velocity setting. The integrated tournament lock will be welcomed by all fields that enforce velocity lock-out especially with HPA players.

Watch the SPEED HPA Regulator in action in a CQB game in this video.

You will see how versatile the SPEED HPA Regulator is and see it powering not only a rifle, but also a HPA pistol at the same time.

(SPEED Airsoft)

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