Gunman Airsoft score a hat trick of games at STANTA training facility

Yes, that’s right. Josh at Gunman has pulled off a bit of a coup this summer. After his success with Red Mist one last year, Gunman Airsoft have managed to land not one but three seperate events this late summer – autumn at the vast MOD STANTA site in Norfolk.

Having attended the previous Red Mist event at the Eastmere Village section of the site and the practice weekender for Red Mist 2, I can heartily recommend Gunman Events as being some of the most enjoyable around – and for me they are unparalled in enjoyment among any of the mil / film sim events I have participated in. I travel 300 miles each time, so you can’t say fairer than that as a recommendation!

Free Kit Hire

For those of you worried about getting kit together for any of these game, Gunman also offers  free kit hire for these events, meaning there’s no need to scour fleabay for obscure kit – unless you’re like me and like that sort of thing. ;)

For more information click on a banner to be taken to each event’s site, or visit the Gunman Airsoft subforum here.

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