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Brand New PTS Masada GBBR – Dark Earth Now Available On Our Website!




PTS Masada GBBR – Dark Earth
The PTS Masada has been an old favourite amongst the players in the Airsoft and one would have always wondered if there was ever going to be a Gas Blow Back version ever since they released the Mega Arms MKM a year back. They’ve flirted with the idea for a year and now we can finally welcome the PTS Masada GBBR to the world.


GK Tactical R93 LRS2 Tactical 2 Gas Sniper Rifle
The real steel Blaser LRS2 / Tactical 2 is used by the German forces as well as the Australian military and GK Tactical have done a very good job when it comes to replicating the exterior as well as its functionality. The real steel version is known to be very accurate but this airsoft R93 is very accurate as well, it comes with a bipod mount, perfect for steady sniping.

G&P Marine Battery Stock II F.R.S. Kit (Short / BK)
This product made of Aluminum,PA+GF & Die-Cast, can fit 9.6v 4000mAh Battery, and included QD sling clip & thick stock end pad, suitable for G&P B Type Series Metal Body. This kit also comes with a V2 Gearbox shell more suited to modern day AEGs.


G&P 1500rds Attack Type Auto Winding Drum Magazine for Tokyo Marui M16 Series (FDE)
Need a bigger magazine for your gun? Sick of reloading? Look no further G&P have released the 1500rds Attack Type Auto Winding Drum Magazine for Tokyo Marui M16 Series. This will give you the support fire you need to cover your team mates.

Blackcat Airsoft Riflescope Bubble Level (30mm)
A lot of the time, scopes are very difficult to centre. The Blackcat Airsoft Riflescope Bubble Level will definitely center the scope so you can line your sights perfectly.


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