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Laylax Schrödinger by GHOST IN THE SHELL (DX Ver.) Now Restocked! Get Yours Whist Stock Last!



Airsoft Surgeon RWA Infinity CNC Aluminum Grip Set
The Airsoft Surgeon Infinity grips are made not only to enhance a shooter’s performance, but also to improve the aesthetics of a Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa. Modeled after Infinity Firearms they are the most realistic pistol grips in the Airsoft market today. Most competition holsters are designed for the Infinity Traditional Square trigger guard and since specifications are very much the same, you will have no trouble fitting the Airsoft Surgeon grip into a real steel competition shooting holster.


JiZqp53zntR6z7RQQrnnLF_7xHBXXPJvhCdNFIqobBUiFOokanFvU0szthNbq6Y3VWDUFK3XDNlLYLjoLmCtzWygBJLI9srVYaGJmii9_Mr74cU0WIvy0I9a3zIbelKg=s0-d-e1-ftRWA KG-9 AEG
The RWA KG9 AEG is a replica of the real steel, Swedish made Interdynamic KG9 Open Bolt SMP. This is not to be mistaken for the Intratec Tec-9 which was the American version of the KG9. The KG9 is the predecessor, the Grandfather, the original. Sure, it may be one or two holes longer but that’s only to make room for the 7.4v Lipo (Mini deans connectors) battery that sit inside the handguard. Apart from that, this thing is a beaut!



Laylax Schrodinger by GHOST IN THE SHELL (DX Ver.) w/ Free Tokyo Marui M16 Magazine
The ‘Ghost in the Shell Arise’ assault rifle ‘Schrodinger’ that Major. Kusanagi Motoko used in the movie is replicated to life size. If you are a fan of Ghost in the Shell then you will love what it has got to offer. It is a high quality replica with working and functional fire 3-position selector (Safe, Semi, Auto). Laylax, the company that produced this beautiful replica is known for making high quality upgrade parts for Tokyo Marui internals.

Strike Industries M4 Enhanced Pistol Grip for AEG
Licensed by Strike Industries, Madbull Airsoft brings you this exciting new grip to the M4 platform. The M4EPG is an upgrade for the M4-pattern pistol grip. The aggressive texture is designed for positive weapon control, improving ergonomics and increasing performance. The M4EPG is constructed from reinforced polymer and features a hollow core for Long type AEG motor.


RWA 2.5 – 10 x 26 Rifle Scope (Red / Green Mil-Dot Reticle)
Scopes don’t need to be complicated to be effective and the RWA 2.5 – 10 x 26 Rifle Scope (Red / Green Mil-Dot Reticle) is an example of that. You can choose to either have a red or green cross-hair as it really depends on the lighting and the preference of the user but no matter which one you use, the lighting is crisp. There are 5 levels of lighting. The lowest level (1) is dimly lit and even visible in a brightly lit room. You would think that the last level (5) would be too bright but it isn’t. Even in the dark, the brightness doesn’t overflow and block the rest of the view.

Airsoft Systems ASCU2 Gen.4 Smart Control Unit for Gearbox Version 2
The ASCU Gen.4 (Airsoft Smart Control Unit) is an electronic module, that makes every standard AEG with Marui type Ver. 2 gearbox, work exactly as the most expensive and sophisticated Airsoft rifles known as Professional Training Weapons.


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