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Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

We had another excellent weekend at Tuddenham with over 80 people playing across the weekend.  Our first night game of the year was also well supported – we will be running another one next month on Saturday 11th June.

This weekend we are at Eversley for part two of “Conflict 2037” “Titan”

The following weekend we return to Tuddenham for our end of month skirmish and social.  Camping is free for the weekend and we will be having a BBQ social on Saturday evening.  Come and play for a day or for the weekend or just drop by on Saturday evening to say hi.


Josh Smith

Conflict 2037 – Titan

The Eversley story follows the operations of small units on the ground and focuses on their missions and the Area of Operations (AO) they must fight in.

Area 921 – 922 The Ardennes forest of old France and old Belgium.

Elements of the massive Blue Hammers task force ‘Alpha Prime’ have engage a huge host of Red Drakes crossing into area 921 and 922. The battle for the area has begun and due to both sides having affective SAM Systems and the dense constitution of the forest, both sides have elected to wage war with ground troops only. 5 key areas have been identified in both 921 and 922, which must be taken and controlled if one side is to gain victory and control of the area.

One thing that is very important, due to a number of damaged underground gas pipes that run through 921 and 922 (which both sides want to control), no explosives are to be used. Only smokes, Red Incendiary and Green gas grenades can be used.

Day one will see the fighting for 921 and day two the battle for 922.
In true conflict style (Battlefield) 5 areas will be marked at the 5 key areas that need to be captured and held. There will be a red and a blue flag at each position. All that a team needs to do to show control of an area is put their team flag into the ground next to the objective and place the enemy flag on the ground.

(Gunman Airsoft)

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