A2 Supplies–New guns coming soon

A2 Supplies have sent over details of some new products which will be available soon:

We are proud to announce we have some truly awesome Guns coming to you from a Galaxy Far Far Away!


First up is the highly anticipated Armorer Works Limited Edition K0000/K00001 or as we call it: The "Smuggler Blaster". This kit is based around WE’s Newly released M712 Pistol which comes as part of the kit, it also includes the unique Compensator, magwell Grip panel and Scope/mount needed to transform this blast from the past into a very iconic Sci-fi Blaster. Perfect for any intergalactic smuggler-softers out there.


Following this in the coming months is the amazing E-11 "Trooper Blaster" from S&T. who needs accuracy when you have this amazing AEG in your arsenal? Using their steel Stirling AEG as its base, S&T have taken things a step forwards, transforming another weapon into a classic film icon.

For more information regarding Pricing and Release dates, head over to our Website (www.a2supplies.co.uk) Or drop us an email at info@a2supplies.co.uk

(A2 Supplies)

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