Iron Eagle – WW2 Eastern Front game


Josh from Gunman has been in touch with details of the latest in their series of Iron Cross WW2 games:

Iron Eagle – ‘Eastern Front – Border Battle’

Suddenly and without warning, early on the morning of 22 June 1941, over three million Axis forces lunged across the Soviet state border and commenced Hitler’s infamous Operation Barbarossa. Spearheaded by four powerful panzer groups and protected by an impenetrable curtain of air support, the seemingly invincible Wehrmacht advanced from the Soviet Union’s western borders to the immediate outskirts of
Leningrad, Moscow, and Rostov in the shockingly brief period of less than six months.

Faced with this sudden, deep, and relentless German advance.
The first of the Eastern Front battles will see the German advance into Russia, with Minsk in sight, can the Red Army hold of the advance of the superior German war machine.

The first game will be an Ops weekend at Tuddenham, it will be Russian vs German (no Brit or US) but i’m happy for you to use any 2ww weapons or Bolt actions;) Kit wise, if you have nothing, ill have a pile of russian and german clothing to rent out FREE!

More info to follow!

What is Iron Eagle?

The Iron Eagle campaign is based on a German Advance rather than the Allied D-Day battle which are more Allied based games. We have chosen the Eastern front to add a new dynamic to 2ww Airsoft and using the same format as D-Day, there will be Operations weekends followed by main battles at fitting sites and all the stops will get pulled out to make every weekend truly memorable. Hope to see you all in the field.

Josh (Gunman)

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