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RWC Umarex SMR 416 Now Available. Order Whilst Stock Last.



GGcPJWlfFwoToYuTFnyPEqAS4Z3Pn52JTb1CernSr1rMk-lfzHTpWfB8Yac5fy1ynhxhSCHEdAzmZLSIloUAFO7fZQ40iowU6BCpcyk_MLPKzJHcjoDsRMmVui6Ht6L8mg=s0-d-e1-ftVFC SR25 KAC MK11 MOD0 GBBR DX Version (Licensed by Knight’s Armament)
This VFC SR25 GBBR is fully licensed by Knights Armament so you could expect it to have the full authentic markings and have the closest detail to the real on. Fully constructed in metal with a Knights Armament SR25 quad rail in the front, polymer stock and pistol grip like the real one, this is a gun you shall not miss. The VFC SR25 GBB is a gas blowback system that is an enlargered version of the VFC m4/ Umarex HK416 GBB system and has its own proprietary 20 round magazine.


New Item

Vw0E31D0MqYwF7m_h9OsYXNjNKN9b5bZDrfwfw8YKvvRchG44oegsa7UaFXp0sE8kObtH6FaBdL9HNcQTImKjZSpYgCYfnF_755EF_jr9nSBurRQIOw4nSSmBzYoeMNM=s0-d-e1-ftRWC Umarex SMR 416 Tactical
The RWC series (Redwolf Custom) have been quiet for a while, but now RW have decided to make a comeback with some fully upgraded guns, both internally and externally, which will save you the trouble and give you performance of top notch upgraded AEGs.



51krLvJA4wn4BU2YvePin1xcLd6VOYrysT2GerywyVZpMi4FAYFNdZaJ7nhurxl51FOJ4pzzK59sMx78Gyl1eo9WA3vaAjHQRoglEtwLjABxM4Bc2N6LEMLBaI9of0eLwg=s0-d-e1-ftHephaestus x GHK AMD-65 GBB
The AMD-65 also known as the Automata Módosított Deszant is a Hungarian-manufactured licensed variant of the venerable AKM rifle for use by that nation’s armored infantry and paratrooper units. The rifle’s design is suited for outdoor use as an infantry rifle but can also be used from within the confines of an armored vehicle as a fire support weapon. This is possible due to the side-folding wire stock design that makes it more compact.


3Tu5MnTtkjNOsfg8CzRSZwXszBZcf8XjgR5EJIR-7TVvRo7y5sh6rBc7nnmoP-22JpLJ1QeBi29JeIlwif4_c-FN3-EeSUxq4c9ET8wiyXdqaOimowUXtz4wi24qNvZpzQ=s0-d-e1-ftUmarex / VFC HK416 V2 AEG
Umarex HK416 is licensed by the German arms maker, Heckler and Koch, real steel markings. It is a modified version of the American M4 carbine with many changes.

bvqklDciG_7azDmGFHYjuVmK4b7l-8xh2kL8YA_0X6dvccu6H4uGmQg_PN-EDqLjRgf0OX-H5-OrocluCbGeVmgR_Z2_ZTOqb8lAQE7K6sMYOJLtBFArTt_S4ziTBXrR-A=s0-d-e1-ftAirsoft Surgeon Infinity Sight Tracker Super Grade
Airsoft Surgeon has never been lacking behind for customized competition style pistoils, and now Airsoft Surgeon have customized another SV Infinity masterpiece

Am-poUvrucuWsTMmfEXo8EQSR8iQMkVocYiCzvHHCqJEVz5nGBuIl03mxCfBUESBdZKfGtGxzszgrHTLnqiOIB21jtHEQiCQMM34xXVE5S25PqyPI5H2hnVd-E1GytMgMQ=s0-d-e1-ftAirsoft Surgeon Magpul M700 – TAN
Tanaka M700 gas rifles have been made for quite a while, so you can expect it to be really stable and well developed, combined with the Magpul polymer M700 stock just makes it more ergonomic and lightweight, featuring an extended cheek pad and ergonomic grip, it makes shooting this rifle a breeze.


(RedWolf Airsoft)

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