Lone Star Tactical VIPER

saved_resourceEvolution Airsoft have shared details of the limited edition Lone Star Tactical order Patrol VIPER they are distributing:



Evolution International are pleased to announce the limited edition licensed Lone Star Tactical Border Patrol VIPER.
Featuring a custom four color paint job inspired by special forces this new carbine has an unique and aggressive look rensembling the pattern of a snake skin, a type of paint job very popular among the Spec Ops guys being it very effective due to its particular disruptive pattern.

wg7oL4XPjTfzqO0eV-Rco2VBY_O7_vThe Lone Star Border Patrol VIPER are hand-painted one by one in Italy in the very same way Special Forces operators do using long lasting special paint.


available to registered dealers only at www.evolutioninternational.it

Do you want to know more about the
Lone Star Tactical licensed products?
visit www.evolution-airsoft.com
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The Evolution Airsoft Lone Star Tactical air soft guns feature the highest level of realism and are built to last.

A few features it worths to mention, but the details that take these guns apart from the others are endless:

Full Aluminum Body, Custom made snake skin paitwork, Bolt lock function, one piece cnc aluminum outer barrel, precision inner barrel, cnc barrel nut, cnc stock tube nut, real type magazine catch lever, fiber reinforced polymer handguard with steel heat shields, reinforced gearbox, 7mm precision steel bearings, reinforced steel gear set with delayer, reinforced tappet plate and piston head, variable pitch spring, aluminum hop up chamber with o-rings, 300 rd steel magazine.

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(Evolution Airsoft)

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