Airsoft Pal: Airsoft ammo guide

Airsoft Pal have new guide to airsoft BBs:

Whether you’re a 16 year old beginner without a clue about airsoft ammo, a mom or dad looking to buy safe airsoft BBs for your kid, or a hobbyist wanting to educate himself further; you’ve found the single best airsoft BBs resource on the internet!

After sifting through 800+ reviews, dozens of forum posts and blog I have laid out my top 3 Standard, Biodegradable and Budget airsoft BBs for you to consider. In addition, you’ll find tips on which BBs to use with your specific gun, how to take care of your BBs as well as additional resources you can read up on!

Check out my new airsoft BBs guide and make sure to share it with your friends!

(Airsoft Pal)

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