Crown Airsoft news 2017 issue#1 (3/2017)

imageIntroducing Crown Airsoft:

This is Crown airsoft and we are humble start up our web-site in Feb this year. With local inventory support and firsthand market news we are ready to bring a low price and high quality service to airsofters. Here comes our first product news in 2017!!

Hi guys, Crown Airsoft are proud to now be stocking quality Airsoft products. With our famous low prices and high quality service, we are looking forward to serving Airsofters all over the world!
This week, Armorer works (AW)customs pistols and Dominator DM870 shotgun series as well as WE Tech God of war Pistol arrived at Crown Airsoft. Check it out!          

Products that have arrived this week:

Airsoft models:

Dominator DM870 Shell-Ejecting Airsoft Shotgun Only: $385.00USD


The new Dominator DM870 gas shotgun is a whole new system that offers the most realistic operation in full steel construction, and takes all the real steel accessories. Internally it is a proprietary system that has realistic takedown, a solid remarkable ‘cluk-chunk’ sound for pump action and offers a decent fps with the 6.05mm precision inner barrel.

Dominator 12 Gauge CO2 Shotgun Shells Package (4 Shells/Unit) Only: $50.00USD 


DOMINATOR 12 Gauge Gas Shotgun Shells Pack (25 Shells/Pack) Only: $230.00USD


WE Tech God of War GBB Pistol Only: $70.00USD


The Full Metal slide, polymer bodied semi-auto WE ‘God of War’ GBB Pistol is an awesome looking airsoft pistol that performs brilliantly and is comfortable in the hand allowing for a very precise shooting action. Features a cocking indicator and a decking switch. (Available in Black /Tan)

AW Custom Limited Edition Custom Mauser Broom Handle with Scope Only: $200.00USD


If you are looking for a good pistol to keep by your side, there’s no need to scour the universe, the AW Custom Mauser Custom Broom Handle is the pistol you are looking for. This limited edition piece will go fast so get yours before they’re gone! The Mauser is a popular pistol in history as seen in many movies!

AW Custom Double Barrel 1911 Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol Only: $148.50USD


Anyone can dual wield two pistols, rolling through doors, jumping through windows, a pistol clenched in each fist spewing BBs at whatever enemy gets in your way. It has been considered by many, the ultimate in two handed justice.

AW Custom Hi-Capa Competition Grade Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol HX1104 Only: $100.00USD


Armorer Works Custom strives to provide Airsofters with high quality guns that come directly from the factory already upgraded. Armorer Works does not simply change the finish of the gun and label it as "custom". Each gun that leaves Armorer Works has been modified with enhanced features that truly improve the comfort, performance and efficiency of the gun as well as cosmetic upgrades that are not generally seen in an out of the box gun.

High Quality Nylon products /Tactical Gears Only: $5.00 – 40.00USD


To celebrate our humble start up on Crown Airsoft, we are happy to brings a series of quality nylon and tactical gears to you all. this is just the first phase, more products coming!!!


Crown Airsoft Facabook Page

Want to stay up to date with the latest Airsoft happenings at Crown Airsoft? Like the Crown Airsoft page!

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