AMNB review – UF PRO Striker Stealth Smock

The guys at AMNB have been checking out the UF PRO Striker stealth smock:

Here we go with the first review after IWA. It´s about the UF PRO Striker Stealth Smock.

Introducing the UF PRO Striker Stealth Smock. I was given the opportunity to test this product from our partner Triple Action, a shop based in Germany known for high-end tactical garment for the modern operator needs. Over the past couple of months, I had the Smock with me during my trainings to find out how it performs. The whole test included several greenside trainings as well the functionality in CQB environment. I even put it on for some mountain hikes and loaded it up with around ~13kg to check how it works & feels after a long day under constant use. In this review, I want to give you my personal statement about it and how it worked out for me. Beside this, I guide you through all the features the Smock has to offer and you definitely have to know about.

Striker Stealth Smock Opener

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