UAC enhanced rocket valve & CQB valve for KWA/KSC

UAC have released some new upgrade parts:

More upgrade parts were launch for KWA/KSC to abundant the series. Enhanced Rocket Valve For KSC/KWA GBB – Redesigned dart shape allow a smoother air flow for each shot. Fully precision CNC with aircraft graded 7075 aluminum with professional anodized surface finish. Also a reinforced support design to increase the durability. Suitable for high pressure gas.

The original high power KWA GBB is usually over the limit for CQB indoor arena. With CQB Valve – Fully CNC with aircraft graded 6061 aluminum. This valve allow to reduce the high power KSC/KWA GBB for CQB / indoor gaming. Approx. power around 1.1J with 12kg top gas (25°C), 0.2g BB.



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