Jia Dyi: B&W M9 gas blow-back gun

Jia Dyi have sent over details of their new B&W M9 gas blow-back gun which will be released later this year:

Bold Warrior in Action-B&W M9 gas/co2 blow-back pistol released in late 2017

Sounds like another a newcomer in airsoft pistol market. Why B&W? Black and White is the first idea comes to my mind. Somehow it also sounds like a fashion appearl brand. Any relation to automobile maker BMW? The answer still a NO,but the brand do wish itself to be young and aggressive like Bold Warrior in action.


Could it be the last one that enter the bloodshed market of Airsoft M9?Behold the B&W M9 full metal gas blowback pistol. This is the photo from its right side. Although without authentic marks from real steel, extinction black in outlook gives it fine quality appearance.


Along with the extinction black model, which also familiar with the name of military version, B&W also provides shinning outlook which can be named as civilian version of M9. Better to wear gloves in case there will be fingerprint left on body.


imageLeft-side outlook of B&W M9 gas blow-back pistol, the red dot refers to the safety of the gun. The plastic handheld plates can be easily changed into ones you want. The release button of magazine in the left side may make the left-handed gunner feel unfriendly, but if you hold it by two palms, it is still possible to change magazine with the thumb of right hand. Nevertheless, with the safety lever device locates in both sides, it is very easy to identify its status.

imageDue to compatibility of Marui system, B&W M9 works well with magazines of KJ/LS/KWA. It gives the reason for gunners to keep magazines when their guns run into problem and turn out that gun-fixing will cost them a lot. In such cases, switching to B&W M9 to extend the life of old magazines could be a smart and inexpensive way.


In Airsoft industry, Taiwan has long been famous for the quality of its products, M9 will be the first proud of B&W to present in gas/co2 pistol. With years of experience, they promise there will be a series of gas blow-back pistols in the future. Above is the left-side fine outlook of B&W M9, designed with floated alloy outer barrel, the brass inner barrel of 6.03mm gives it an accurate shooting of 109f/s velocity using 0.2g BB propelled by 12kg green gas.

imageAlthough the U.S has decided to gradually replace Beretta M9 with SIG Sauer P320 since 2017, M9 is still equipped to most of the soldiers around the world.

imageAbove was the moment of firing M9 while training. With real firearms, the recoil can influence its shooting accuracy very significant, while in Airsoft, the weight of full metal may reduce the recoil, in other words, it can effectively improve the accuracy.

imageBeretta M9 also appears in lots of movies, In the beginning of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,2016 directed by Ang Lee, private Billy Lynn(acted by Joe Alwyn) rushed to wounded Sargent Shroom(acted by Vin Diesel) to keep him from being taken hostage by Iraq militia. He raised Shroom’s Beretta M9 to shoot back.

imageIt is quite impossible to hit an enemy just to shoot using one hand, given the powerful recoil of Beretta M9. Of course, I mean the real fire-arm. Ha Ha.


I wished my Airsoft could burst flame like this, that would be awesome! Ha Ha…Take it easy.

imageYeah, we hit a bad guy…lol…Truth is, the 50mm machine gun mounted on Hummer did it. With 9mm caliber ammo of M9, it is impossible to smash a guy like that. The scene reminds me the “stunning” BOOM effect of a Germany Tiger Tank hit by a M1911 handgun held by Capitan John Miller (acted by Tom Hanks)in Saving Private Ryan,1998.

imageThere’s another scene revealed the civilian model of Beretta M9 when Billy and his comrades were invited into a cocktail party. One of the senator’s security guard carried a Beretta M9 inside his suit. It was judged from the silver anti-slippery carving behind the gun handle.

imageAs for European military movie, I recommend The Special Forces,2011. It reminds me another great American military movie, Tears of the Sun,2003. Same old story line said a squat of soldiers, best of the best, went for a noble purpose to save the only one woman in film, of course she must be pretty-looking, and at the end, few hero could come back. Above picture shows French Squat leader Kovax(acted by Djimon Hounsou) aimed his Beretta M9 at Taliban leader in Afghanistan.

imageSituation like this, the Taliban leader took a hostage in so closed range, Kovax first put down his M9 to pretend to surrender in order to relieve opponent’s alert, and then suddenly burst his head at single shot, not hers. I wonder could it happen in real the world?

imageWhy this magic weapon, Beretta M9 would be handed to the female journalist Elsa (acted by Diane Kruger)? Is it more appropriable for a non-trained woman to hold it than Kovax? You have to find it out in the film yourself. Nevertheless, you can see lots of European movie stars in The Special Forces, 2011. Judging from its release date in theater, and the scale of gears, crews, and budget, it is quite obviously that many European countries contributed to the production of the film regard the movie as a part of anti-terrorist propaganda.

(Jia Dyi)

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