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Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

We had another superb weekend at Tuddenham playing the Hunger Battles.  We will be running another one later in the year – if you missed out this time make sure you make the next one!

For those of you in the SouthWest of the country, we will be doing the Hunger Battles all again at our Eversley site this weekend.  This awesome game involves three to five teams battling to secure and hold onto enough resources to survive the scenario.

Next weekend we will be back at Tuddenham for our usual end of month skirmish madness.  As rental equipment is limited, and the end of month events are getting packed out now the weather is warmer, please ensure that you book rental places in advance via the website.  It would also be nice if walk-ons could drop us a message on Facebook or via email so we can get an idea of numbers – last month on the Sunday, less than 20 people said they were coming and we got hit with nearly 80 on the day!  It really helps us to plan games more effectively if we have a good idea in advance of numbers and cuts down the amount of “last minute” game scenarios on the day.

The safe zone is now shiny clean (well, cleaner than we ever remember seeing it!) and we have begun repainting the walls.  We will be gradually building more benches inside and possibly rearranging the layout, so bear with us if there’s not as much room to put your kit as normal – the more players who can use their car boots for the time being the better.

The excellent Team Green will be running a night game for us on the Saturday night (27th) again.  Numbers will be capped at 30 to ensure a high quality of games, so we advise pre-booking on the website to avoid disappointment on the night.  Also, the price is only £10 if you book in advance or £15 if there are spaces left on the door.


Josh Smith

E&L rifles now available to order

If you’re looking for the best airsoft AKs going, we are now able to order in E&L airsoft guns at recommended retail price (we will even try and match Patrol Base on them!)

For those not in the know, these replicas are manufactured in a real steel factory and use proper wood grips (not plywood), stamped & chemical blued steel alloy receivers and trademarks.  They are not a cheap (or lightweight) gun – but they are fantastic quality.

They also produce a range of M4 style rifles as well, so have a look at their product range and let us know if there is anything there that catches your eye.

We won’t be holding stock of them at this point due to the high price of them but we can special order them in for you (usually within a week – UK stock dependant).  Get in touch with us for a quote.

(Gunman Airsoft)

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