B&W BW17 gas pistol

B&WB&W Airsoft have shared details of their B&W BW17, gas pistol gun:

B&WOnly G17 can beat itself-Behold the descent of BW17

Ask any gun fan about which model is the best seller in Glock series, and the answer will no doubt be the same-G17. Summer is coming, heat is the best friend of all gas pistols. B&W, who had already issued M9 in late May, claims their second GBB pistol in the end of June. B&W BW17, made in Taiwan, again with high performance but moderate price, will rock the Airsoft’s imagination at the first descent!


The colored box lying upon the new entrant, B&W BW17, two-tone designed with shining red and satin black presents just the feeling of BOLD WARRIOR IN ACTION.

Close look at its aluminum slide, we barely see any defects. With gas magazine loaded into its frame, B&W BW17 unexpectedly shows a perfect balance in a hand.


On the first sight with B&W BW17, it is easy to find why G17 is so popular, the length of slide, and the angle between slide and frame both deserve the classic fame. To our surprise, there’s no gap between slide and frame, which proves the superiority of precision mold of high-density polymer and aluminum-cutting machines.


Without authentic carvings, B&W BW17 apparently positions itself at the entry-level airsoft-gamers for shooting experience and fun. Completely compatible with TM system, its magazine can be replaced with WE and others who also follows TM spec. For those who can only play war game in evening after working hours, the front and rear sights of B&W BW17 are dressed with luminous effect, they facilitate targeting tangos even in dark places.

clip_image012 clip_image014

Except the sights are different from authentic Glock G17, the right side of frame of B&W BW17 shows that it does not has a interchangeable backstraps, which only exists in real fire-arms of Glock G17 Gen. IV. Therefore, B&W must adopt the outlook of G17 Gen. III. The outer barrel near chamber, grip, frame, and plate of magazine all carved with B&W’s marks.


Take a close look at muzzle, B&W BW17 is equipped with counter clock-wise threaded outer barrel, so there’s no problem to install a silencer and lengthen inner barrel to enhance velocity and effective range of B&W BW17.


G17 maybe the most common-seen handgun in movies, in《Taken 2,2012, An retired CIA operative Bryan (acted by Liam Nesson)shoots a thug with his G17 in Istanbul. (SOURCE:http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Taken_2)


In another hot movie,《Shooter,2007,special agent Nick Memphis (Michael Peña) draws his Glock 17 on Swagger (Mark Wahlberg). Notice the trigger discipline.


In the latest movie, 《Patriots Day,2016,the Glock 17 is drawn by Boston PD Sgt. Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg).(source:http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Patriots_Day)


Not only G17 be used by secret agents and the police, but also by the military. In this European movie,《Special Forces,2011, Marius (Alain Alivon) draws his G17 during the raid to rescue Elsa.(SOURCE:http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Special_Forces_(2011))


If B&W BW17 was installed with a silencer, it will be look like this. In 《Special Forces,2011Lucas opens fire with his suppressed Glock.(SOURCE:http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Special_Forces_(2011))


With high popularity of Glock, even the bad guy loves it. Another latest movie, 《The Accountant,2016One of Brax’s operatives is armed with his G17 pistol.( SOURCE:http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/File:Accountant41.jpg)


Finally, of course we cannot forget the girls. Even in a Sci-fi movie,《Resident Evil:Retribution,2012classic G17 is still a beloved weapon, she would rather use a G17 than any laser gun. A production image of Li Bingbing as Ada Wong firing her G17.(http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Resident_Evil:_Retribution)


Nevertheless, whether he was a civilian, a government employee, an outlaw, an American or non-American, a man or woman, people need G17. So why don’t you get a G17? The airsoft manufacturers of G17 replica also know that, so the price of G17 replica is always kept relatively high compared to other G-series gas pistols.

B&W as a greenhorn in airsoft, committed lots of resources in air-soft pistols, will dedicate to the interests of Airsoft players with modest price. Please contact your local airsoft retail stores or boldairsoft@gmail.com for wholesales business. B&W marketing team is waiting for inquire.

(B&W Airsoft)

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