New deliveries & new brands at Gunfire

Gunfire have some new items in stock:



CYTAC is the new brand that swells gunfire’s offer ranks. Necessarily check out our range of products enriched with the professional holsters dedicated for the firearms as well as airsoft guns.

Pay the special attention to the holsters for the iconic: Glock, Colt 1991, or Beretta. Not only holsters are waiting for you but also their mounts, magazine pouches, and shotgun shells. Do not miss your chance to get a one.



The new series of replicas from Gunfire’s offer will surely turn out to be interesting for the science fiction and futuristic weapons fans. S.T.A.R. XR-5 Advanced Battle Rifle produced by CSI are the revolutionary AEGs. Their unprecedented, based on metal gearbox of v2 type construction, and compatibility with STANAG magazines make them a hot product for those with precisely defined airsoft taste.




We’ve just got another bunch of well-known and highly-valued fixed blade knives from Swedish Mora brand! Great value for money and legendary functionality are the best words to describe Morakniv® knives. Using them once is enough to be convinced to let them stay with you as best survival friends.



Big delivery from Specna Arms already in Gunfire’s warehouse! Have you been waiting for a replica equipped with Enter & Convert™ or SAEC™ quick spring exchange system, internal or external replicas accessories, or the well-known Specna Arms magazines? You will find them all in our offer now!


Careless passing by beside the new range of products from Armorer Works we’ve just got would be a huge disappointment for your inner airsofter’s soul. Check the delivery out for those amazing pistols: custom HX series which proved to be a dependable base for AIPSC, powerful Double Barrel models, or DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol brought here directly from the Star Wars world! They’re all waiting for you!



Great news for GFC Tactical fans. We’ve just got the new range of tactical equipment from them. Vests, pouches, backpacks, or hydration systems are waiting for you. Do you like Polish Wz. 93 Pantera camouflage? We have a lot stuff you will like then!



Another delivery we’ve got is going to be the favorite one of the HPA guys. American PolarStar  is a brand famous for the dependable conversions and HPA parts;  that’s what you will find in our offer. Take a look at the Fusion Engine or Jack sets, which are applicable to M4/M16 , M249 machine guns, or AK replicas. Look forward to seeing the information about the novelty in our offer – announced MRS regulator!



Another delivery from Mactronic, we’ve just got, is abundant in any type of flashlights you can imagine; tactical – mountable on replica ones, pocket sized EDC, or outdoor headlamps. Pay special attention to the popular tactical Mactronic M-Force series, which we sell with RIS mount and set of filters of different colours.



We’ve just received another delivery from Vortex brand. Their high-end scopes and reflex sights are created to improve your shots accuracy at the skirmish, shooting range, or hunting.



After a short break Gunfire’s offer welcomes APS replicas and accessories. BOAR rifles, or available in bull-pup construction UAR501 replicas are waiting for you. Pay special attention to the realistic CAM870 shotguns. The icing on the cake is licensed by Salient Arms and Magpul SAI870 replica . The Hakkotsu grenades has been restocked as well.


Check out the delivery from GATE we’ve just got. Beside the classic constructions like Nano and Pico take a look at the WARFET unit and TITAN controller set. Those tiny devices are designed to give your AEG the superpower!



Do you know what do mechanics, airsofters, and soldiers of special forces have in common? The answer is MECHANICS gloves. We’ve just received another delivery of the admired not only by those 3 professions gloves. Check what’s available now and don’t overlook the most iconic models: Original, FastFit, or available in many colour versions M-PACT®.



Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a toolbox in your pocket? It’s not a problem anymore! Leatherman is the American manufacturer which through years of producing reliable and universal multitools got to the point of being associated with indestructibility. The last delivery we’ve got is abundant in classic models as well as the folding ones.



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