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ngqoG0ZjkCEpefhK40EDmy6Is0VTzLXby2Spvi9mC58dC5NLm1HuMkHH_fj19rsrsN5trf0v3Bi1ObcnQPAkSfEQEzo9x3HFfcsoN_vAjPw7ZhDCmuaxlZ2S-q_C7FZG&P Thor Rapid Electric Gun-004 – Black
G&P Thor Rapid Electric Gun series joins the M4 family, a brand that has garnered a reputation of quality, performance and compatibility to the point of setting the standard for all metal AEGs.


5F7zQWbcylZOl0FgnPV0UHXY5dren6ZzJ2OgBlxW7WHtvrksZKQDKTRmsZDpLUNEKg3XgiDaQ0yAPFoTbHRBa1gwNFA0_R0f5MPPtwAFKveIAU-KhjGxvWtWRG6_5u0Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM Fixed Slide Full Set
The popular MK23 special forces pistol is reborne by Tokyo Marui in this fixed slide version with full LAM unit and metal detacheable SOCOM silencer included.


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GHK did say they are releasing 3 versions of the AUG. The traditional A1, the flat top A2 and the quad railed A3 and that raised a few eyebrows.


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The GHK AUG magazine holds 30, 6mm BBs and runs on CO2 going through 4+ full magazine rounds.


TRcYWR4p90BxkMePUjBJoQ-mXxak5mOgeUf_7Wl2QiMm2XRE4HYw8TPOiZQ7bhPiqEI9cDmCTujItBl4c6CRmeGzhv5Wz7e4_cvoym4RGd8kVr5V8SXvLAQKf56uHZkG&P Thor Rapid Electric Gun-003 – Black
With the exception of the textured polymer pistol grip and the magazine, it is completely made out of metal with a few snazzy markings that really give it a coolness factor. The grip is rather unique as you wouldn’t find it on other G&P AEGs.

w3DD7ctIGV8k14mJ_G-fLSo8hKQNgKWn18xJNjJuUTeqhbEeGXa3zqOHep9qiJqdzRu2FFySK4hMODLH_TGg5uLYVUpgj63CPdtboOYwczvc7jcJ9C-8AH5Np4hS2O_ARES SOC SLR Sniper Rifle
From the company that brought you guns such as the MSR and other sniper rifles finally releases the SOC SLR AEG Sniper Rifle, a spiritual successor to the WA2000.


Bx2eY5mXbaxr1ZdlpS14Ly_hD2WeNbagdBdEvBKgdvUK_QPPt98u7HgiJFqOAtEb47rYh9hd5Dk-v0x2_QbEBmwEs21ihJnAvCC7fyIef2wNugnY4QD6DMZBwkQ9MLFNine Ball Aluminum Mount Base NEO for Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 / 4.3 GBB
The Nine Ball Aluminum Mount Base NEO is a solid scope mount for use with the Marui Hi-Capa GBB series.



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