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Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

After a really busy week, and a massively enjoyable weekend’s gaming at Tuddenham, we are back into our regular routine.  We had a huge turnout once again at Tuddenham with plenty of new airsofters and first time visitors to our site, and again, everyone really got on board with excellent sportsmanship throughout.  Thanks for making it another superb weekend!

This weekend we are taking a well deserved break and will return next weekend at Tuddenham for another FilmSim weekend.  With longer scenarios, multiple objectives and more realistic rules (bandages and limited ammo), this is a more immersive experience than basic skirmish, without going “full MilSim”.  As usual, camping is free of charge from Friday evening, and we have a mini social on the Saturday night.

We have a couple of full MilSim events coming up for those who want full immersion:  in September, Red Storm Part 2 “Behind the Scene” will be at Norwich on 16th & 17th.  In November, Part 3 of our Descent:24 series “Hidden Enemy”.  Bookings and payments for both of these events must be made via


Josh Smith

Red Storm 2: “Behind the Scene”

Years after Vladimir Rogozin (FSB high rank officer) was captured on the front line and imprisoned by Ukrainian SF, Russia still claims he was a retired officer not representing Russian’s interests in Ukraine. On 30th of May 2017 unknown group of highly skilled operatives assaulted the camp Rogozin was kept captive. After the operation lasting less than 15 minutes they all disappeared without a trace.

On 24th of August 2017 the Zone “NPWD” (Nuclear Plant Waste Disposal facility) was attacked by, what is suspected, the exactly same group and 250kg of highly radioactive waste disappeared. UN and NATO was informed. The hunt for missing materials begins…

There is minimum engagement planned between the sides, all of them focusing on completing their primary objectives. There is a lot of focus on the “solider” life. “Dying” will have it’s consequences. Players shouldn’t expect to regen / respawn immediately. Sometimes it might take several hours for the player to be allowed back into field again so making sure “no one is left behind” and using medic rules which are designed to keep players alive as long as the whole squad plays smart is the key to success.

Descent 3: “Hidden Enemy”

The Russian invasion of the UK is fully underway.

This story takes us away from the first two instalments set in Epping Forest relocates the story to an abandoned and disused military asset just outside Melton Mowbray in the midlands. This UK forces area has become a main link to other resistance cells dotted all over the region and if discovered will be a vital target for the Russian units operating in the area as the resistance is very organized.

Two days ago a small Russian recce team came across the compound by chance and observed a number civilian vehicles entering the area riding low and then leaving clearly lighter. At this point the Russians have no idea what is being moved there but its been decided the area is now a priority target and forces are moving in. Caution is however paramount, as the enemy is very cunning and on their own soil.

(Gunman Airsoft)

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