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Pulling the bolt back is a breeze, even if it has an fps of 450. All the modifications you can make are very simple.


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FAST 401 Ultra-high-output Led Weaponlight is an auxiliary versatile weapon light for compact weapons and full-size hand guns.

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The NPOAEG 200rds AK-12 Magazine for the AK-12 is constructed out of metal which will make it more durable and last longer.


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After a long period of development, a fully automatic GBB pistol named Black Hornet Plus is now available. Design and concept coming from current APS Co2 Pistol, this fully automatic Co2 pistol provides you fantastic blow back recoil in shooting​.


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The VFC Avalon Leopard Carbine AEG – Red, comes with a full metal body and high quality Avalon engravings.


WQsYoOaXxllKcfrPd1zOUwN3SpBLyILtKW8lnTxfUguCowxD8WJZnlBsORHfHTLNPKuH4VBpmUlEV-k8L2fDkZv0GfnLaV7DC0U95PPYBbv6AugTXgXR6rjlrkkMRtkE=s0-d-e1-ftNPOAEG AK-12 Full Steel AEG
NPOAEG is a Russian-based company that has been making the closest replicas to the real ones since Sept 2011 for half a decade.



(RedWolf Airsoft)

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