Introducing AW Custom™ NE2101 pistol

AW Custom have shared details of their new NE2101 pistol:

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Classic 1911 Configuration
It’s already a century. 1911 pistol is still one of the most famous and common pistol on earth. The semi-auto mechanism was a ground-breaking creation during that time and the legend still lives on now.

Hydrographic Printing
Each of the AW Custom™ NE2101 Pistol is processed by hydrographic printing with it own "Skull" pattern. The patterns are all slightly different on each pistol since the printing process are hand-crafted.

Ergonomic Grips
AW Custom™ knows about what our customers need and we redesigned the pistol grip to be more ergonomic and both stylish at the same time. The textured surface can achieve a firmer grip.


AW Custom™ NE2101 Pistol
After the NE20 Series, AW Custom™ NE2101 Pistol is our latest model under NE Series and it is going to hit the market very soon.

AW Custom™ NE2101 Pistol is a art piece that blends between the aggressively devilish look and the classic original style. Our Tech Team strikes a balance with these two elements and now it is the NE2101 Pistol right in front of you.

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After a century, 1911 pistol is still one of the most popular and common pistol in the world. During that time, the semi-automatic mechanism made this pistol to be a ground-breaking innovation. Up till now, the legend still lives on now.


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Each of the AW Custom™ NE2101 Pistol are processed with hydrographic printing. The unique "Skull" patterns are all different on each of the pistol since the printing process are hand-crafted one by one. You’ll never find two NE2101 Pistol with the same pattern!


bKuS4u4_g_Hp-EgsDaTyuC2jQjmsThHWmqoF7ITUcf7r4f22uFVL4YRy8EluJ-mXR6ctwCeX-PU8INm1qw=s0-d-e1-ftDesigned to be ergonomic.
AW Custom™ Tech Team redesigned the pistol grip to be more ergonomic. The finger groove on the thumb position can result faster reloading action and the textured surface can achieve a firmer grip on the pistol to stabilize the recoil action.

More Detail

IAMc2V0F2dixHMCd14qiRo9wHUaZ8yHhQsXF6tKizJCifz0g-touG43_p4OFBEKyS8mNfbkm7zvhm1RGyg=s0-d-e1-ftEven the magazine.

Not only the slide and frame. The magazine baseplate is also hydrographic printed to fit with the overall style. The whole pistol is simply covered by the devilish "Skull" pattern to deliver an aggressive look.



  • Pistol Length: 215mm
  • Pistol Height: 135mm
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~300FPS

Package Includes:

  • 1 x NE2101 Pistol
  • 1 x NEMG07 Gas Magazine


AW Custom™ NE2101 Pistol & MX0100 Pistol

Don’t forget about AW Custom™ MX0100 Pistol! It features a double barrel firing system which doubles the recoil as well as the firing power! The double magazine shares the same gas tank to ensure the gas efficiency. It looks a big brother to NE2101 Pistol, right? 
For more details, please visit our website HERE!

(AW Custom)

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