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A2 Supplies have something a little bit different this weekend:


Finding the Sea of M4s and Multicam a bit boring? Looking for something to really make you stand out on the Airsoft field? Well then maybe its time to go back in time with your loadout.

KTW provide some of the BEST Spring guns on the market, and they too see little interest in the run-of-the-mill M4 Carbine. KTW spend their time crafting high quality replicas of vintage rifles, ready to grace the field! Its time to step back into the 1800s and join the firing line with these fantastic KTW Weapons we have in store!

Flintlocks 1

KTW Flintlock Carbine:

Made with a full metal barrel and firing mechanism housed inside a beautiful wood stock, this weapon is solid! Operation is fairly straight forward: Removing the ram rod from the underside of the weapon reveals the hole to the as the internal magazine which holds up to 55 rounds. Once the magazine is loaded and secured into place all you need to do is cock back the flintlock mechanism and reset the strike plate and then pull the trigger! Being a flintlock this will need to be cocked before every shot! Perfect for picking off the modern day airsofter with a touch of vintage class!

Flintlock carbine

KTW Flintlock Pistol:

What better backup for your flintlock rifle than a flintlock pistol? Perfect for both Dueling and Swashbuckling! This pistol boasts the same solid build quality of the rifle but in a compact package! Functioning the same as the carbine, the magazine is located on the underside of the pistol with a removable ram rod. Once the smaller 12 round magazine is loaded, once again all that is needed is to cock the flintlock and reset the strike plate and you’re ready to fire! There is nothing more satisfying than a flintlock pistol kill out on the field!

Flintlock Pistol

Feel like the flintlock is right for you? Maybe its time to stand and deliver? Check them out over on our website at www.a2supplies.co.uk or visit us in store!

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